What kind of Ethereum Games should you invest in?


It may not be wrong to suggest that blockchain games have proved a huge success. It has risen in popularity in the present times with several users. It originated various kinds of Ethereum Games from Apollo Club. However, with huge popularity, there would be loopholes as well. The weakness would entail unscrupulous actors riding the coat-tails of popularity for using the different vectors into creating an operation that would seem legitimate, but would be hiding malevolent code in the smart contract.

Are all ethereum games equal?

You should be rest assured that not all ethereum games have been deemed equal. You would be required to choose the game with prudence, as you would be using while investing in ICO. It would be pertinent to mention here that smart contract has been deemed notorious in hiding functions. It would range from built-in backdoors and overflowing errors for developers to issue free coins. In event of you spending money to play a game, it would be pertinent to be cautious and alert at all times. Despite there being no major reported cases of exit scamming in any Ethereum game, you cannot deny the arising of the possibility.

You may wonder about smart code. It is not more than a delivery system for code package. All crypto enthusiasts should be made aware about the code that has been used in malicious ways earlier as well. Smart contracts have been relatively powerful tool. Therefore, one should remember that if someone has adequate talent, the vector could be used for defrauding end users who may not be able to make use of proper prudence. In order to prevent frauds from happening ever, it would be pertinent to make sure that Ethereum game you intend to play would be audited by reliable and known contract auditors. Without the audit page and reports, stop investing in game unless you actually receive clarification from developers.


Clare Louise

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