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What is fbs test? Why it is performed?


FBS stands for fasting blood sugar and it is also the test performed to diagnose mellitus. It helps to find sugar level of the person when he/she is in the fasting state. The test actually diagnoses diabetes Mellitus. Anyone showing the symptoms of elevated sugar level or osmotic dieresis has to undergo the test for diabetes mellitus. FBS test is done by collecting blood sample from affected person. Few drops of blood are collected from the veins of the person after he eats nothing for 8-10 hours. After the blood sample is collected, it is sent to the lab for correct reading.

What is the recommended sugar level in the blood?

The range of glucose in the blood should be between 70 and 130mg/dl. If the sugar level is above 130mg/dl, it means something has to be done and you have hyperglycemia. But, to get correct diagnosis, or report, the person is not supposed to eat or intake any fluid for at least 10 hours. This same applies to even CPK test and cholesterol test. CPK is carried out to find the level of creatine phosphokinase in the blood. Enzyme creatine phosphokinase is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles. If the person shows the symptoms of heart attack, the test will be carried out to find creatine phosphokinase in the blood. This blood test helps in the diagnosis of heart attack following a chest pain.

When to take fasting blood sugar test?

If you show any symptom of diabetes, the doctor will ask you to undergo the test. It will measure the amount of glucose or sugar in the blood. Whether it is brain cells or cells of any other region in the body, glucose is the source of energy. Glucose is indeed the building block for carbs. The carbohydrates you consume by eating bread, pasta, cereals rice or fruits, gets converted into glucose. Too much consumption of carbohydrate rich food stuffs can elevate the level of glucose in the blood. On the other hand, hormones in your body also control the sugar level. To carry out the test, the sample of blood is needed.

Important facts on fasting blood sugar test

The test is the powerful way to find blood sugar level. Indeed, it gives a true picture of glucose level. The test can find glucose level of the blood or sugar present in the bloodstream. The test report can show elevated sugar level or sugar level something below the average. It is also possible to take this test right in your home. There are medical equipments that may be procured to test the sugar level. The report will be delivered at your home. Preparation for undergoing this test is quite simple. Only when the person has assumed fast for one whole night, the test is taken. Both high blood sugar and low blood sugar are problematic. If you show the symptoms of high or low blood sugar, the doctor will ask to take the test. Symptoms to suggest elevated level of blood sugar are headache, blurred vision, weight loss and increased thirst. If you start to eat less and want to skip meals, it suggests low blood sugar level. The procedure for this blood test is simple. If the sugar level is below 100mg/dl, the report is normal.

PCT test or postcoital test is the test to evaluate infertility. Whether it is glucose test, PCT or CPK, it is important to undergo regular tests as prescribed by your doctor.

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