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What are the Best Dental Masks & Shields?


For all procedures, it is important that you wear a dental mask or shield. When it comes to buying your dental supplies, make sure you remember to buy at least a month’s supply so you have enough to get you by. You may be wondering what dental masks and shields to buy? Here are a few products recommended from renowned dental supplies giants GPS Dent.

Easy Breath Earloop Mask

These Easy Breath Earloop Masks are a popular purchase. They are fluid resistant and are made using the finest soft, 3-ply material. There is also a high quality inner lining to ensure comfort whilst wearing. The ear loops that these masks come with ensure a tight fit, which prevents the mask from slipping from your face during treatment. These are perfect for dentists with a latex allergy, as the masks are 100% latex free.

Face Shields

These high-quality Face Shields are made to fit so you can wear your glasses in conjunction with the masks. Comfort is assured thanks to the velcro headband to ensure a secure fit. Many face shields suffer from a fogging problem, but these particular face shields have been anti-fog treated to prevent this from happening. They are latex and fiberglass free, and are available in two different sizes – a full face shield and 1/2 shield sizes.

Level 1 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Mask (Pleated) 50/box

These Level 1 Dual Fit Ear-Loop Face Mask (Pleated) masks are perfect for procedures which involve low amounts of blood, ­fluid, spray and/or aerosol exposure. These are perfect for dentists who have sensitive skin, as the inner layer of the mask is made of smooth cellulose. The soft rounded ear loops ensure a snug fit for all dentists with different face sizes. They are fitted with a pliable nose and chin band for a safe and secure fit.

Premium Ear Loop Cone Masks

For those of you who need a more premium mask, we would recommend these Premium Ear Loop Cone Masks. These masks are designed to be worn around the ears, meaning they don’t need to be secured around the back of the head. The elastic band used to secure the mask are non-latex in form and are specially designed to be easy breathing. The nose piece has a non-glare covering, so it won’t distract you while you work.

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