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Top Reasons Vitamin D is Important for Everyone


Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for the human body. Unfortunately, a large number of people, even those who maintain a good diet, are often suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency. Typically, the sunlight gives you a solid boost of Vitamin D, but these days, people wear a lot of sunscreen and spend considerable time inside, which puts their health at greater risk. A Vitamin D deficiency is known to cause more than 200 deficiencies, but the problem is that most people only think of it as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ and don’t fully understand the way it affects their body.

Listed below are some of the top reasons why Vitamin D is important for everyone:

  • Immune system

Vitamin D receptors can be found throughout the body and the immune system is no exception. Immune cells also have receptors for this particular vitamin. Research shows that the seasonal nature of flu and cold outbreaks often occurs due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. Less sunlight means you get less Vitamin D, which can weaken your immune system and lead to more illness.

  • Bones

It is a known fact that calcium can only be properly absorbed with the help of Vitamin D. In fact, there are two ways in which this vitamin can reduce the risk of fracture. The importance of Vitamin D cannot be ignored because it leads to the formation of stronger bones and it is also helpful in improving balance thereby preventing falls and improving muscle contraction.

  • Lungs

Numerous scientific studies have been carried out and they reveal that Vitamin D is also essential for keeping our lungs healthy because it possesses a wide range of anti-inflammatory properties. The higher the concentration of Vitamin D in your body, the greater lung benefits you will enjoy.

  • Muscles

When Vitamin D breaks down, one of its byproducts enters the muscle cells and has an impact on the nucleus. This Vitamin D metabolite is useful for enhancing the contraction ability of the cells. As muscles work through relaxation and contraction, the ability of contracting is essential for the strength of a muscle and its response to external forces. Thus, Vitamin D can play a great role in making muscles stronger.

  • Weight Loss

If you don’t have enough Vitamin D in your system, you are going to feel hungry all the time and it doesn’t matter how much you eat. This is mostly because the lack of Vitamin D will interfere with the effectiveness of the appetite hormone called leptin, which is responsible for telling you that your stomach is full. When you have normal levels of Vitamin D in your system, the actions of leptin are restored thereby leading to feelings of satiety and helping weight loss.

Apart from these, Vitamin D is also useful in improving cognitive function, your mood and even benefits your heart. You can find more about Vitamin D’s importance at a different version and ensure that your body has the required levels to function properly.

Erica Cormier

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