Top 4 Most Popular Types Of Steel Buildings


Steel buildings are currently some of the most environmentally friendly, economical, and most durable types of construction options available.

After deciding that you will use a steel building for your next construction project, you will now need to make another decision: which specific type of steel buildings will you build?

Having a little more knowledge about the basic types of steel buildings that are out there before you actually hire a contractor to begin the construction process.

Here are the top four most popular types of steel buildings, in alphabetical order:

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Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural steel buildings are the best choices for agriculturalists and farmers. These buildings have the ability to store large farming equipment, farm animals, feed, and hay safely.

In fact, steel is arguably the best choice for a barn period, because certain farm animals such as horses will actually chew on the wood of the building, which poses a major safety hazard for the animal. A steel agricultural building will be stronger, hold up to the elements better, and be safer for your animals and equipment.

Commercial Building

The next type of steel building for you to consider is the commercial building. This will be the right steel building for you if you are a small business owner or need a warehouse to store inventory.

Pre-engineered commercial buildings in particular are easily expandable and relatively inexpensive. Clear span models will not have any columns, beams, or support poles in the middle of the building to get in your way. Instead, the whole of the interior space is available for you to use.


Garages are easily the most popular type of steel building there is, and there are lots of different types of garages out there as well. Garages are most commonly used by homeowners looking to protect their vehicles, power tools, camping equipment, gasoline, and other valuable items from the outside elements.

The garage can either be attached to your house or separate from it, and is designed to successfully withstand the outside elements such as rain, wind, or snow. Steel is a superior choice than wood because wood cannot resist these elements as well or as long.

Residential Buildings/Homes

The final major type of steel building is a residential building and homes. While steel commonly does not come to mind when we think of residential homes, the reality is that more and more people these days are turning to steel residential homes thanks to their strength, durability, low cost, and ease of construction and maintenance.

Remember that a steel residential home does not have to look like an unattractive warehouse or garage. There are a variety of different designs and finish options out there for you to choose from, so your steel residential home can look literally any way that you want it to.

Most Popular Steel Building Types

All in all, these are the four most common types of steel buildings for you to consider having built.



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