Three ways in which quartz is used by different industries


Quartz is used widely by many of the industries as raw material – for manufacturing various kinds of products. It is also used for assisting processes that are carried out while manufacturing various products. Thus they become a direct or indirect presence in the final product created -by being a part of the process or being a raw material used for manufacturing the final product. Quartz can be seen in various forms and is available vastly in nature. Therefore they are used in many applications. We will be discussing only three important applications of quartz in this article. The three main usages are:

  1. Quartz is used as an abrasive
  2. It is used as an oscillator
  3. It is used for manufacturing glass

Quartz is used as an abrasive

Quartz is used as an abrasive. Abrasive is a material that scratches things – when they come in contact with the items. This nature of quartz helps it in cutting rough objects including stones. Stones have to be cut properly – for creating different kinds of products out of it. Certain showpiece items are made out of stones. Some of the cooking appliances are also made up of stone. Example: The traditional grinding appliances are completely made out of stone. All these products can be made with the help of quartz – as it helps in cutting stone properly. It thereby assists in molding the shape of the stone for creating different structures that satisfy specific needs.

It is used as an oscillator

Quartz is also used as an oscillator. It is used as an oscillator in watches, radio and pressure gauges. Therefore it is used in manufacturing not only showpiece items or the items that help you in cooking; but also products which are electronic in nature. A good oscillator helps watch, radio etc in functioning properly. Minerals suppliers in India provides you with high quality quartz that can be used as a good oscillator – in watches, videos and pressure gauges.

It is used for manufacturing glass

Last but not the least; quartz is used in manufacturing glass. Quartz is used vastly by the glass industries for manufacturing glass and thereby helps you in getting different kinds of glass products. High quality quartz can be bought from quartz manufacturer in India and can be used for producing A-one glass products. Glass is used widely by people all over the world. It is used for many purposes – in the kitchen, during construction works and also for manufacturing furniture. (Only few applications of glass are given here. There are many more applications of glass.) These glasses are made with the help of quartz! The importance of quartz in our daily life is thus not at all negligible; but enormous.

We have gone through the three major applications of quartz. Quartz is a mineral which is available in nature in the natural form. Quartz in the form of sand can be seen in huge amounts near beaches. It can appear in various forms and are used in a vast range of applications calls. It is used as an abrasive for cutting difficult-to-cut materials like rocks. They help in manufacturing various products – because of its ability to cut through materials. Quartz is also used as an oscillator in many electronic devices – including radio, pressure gauges and watch. It is also used in manufacturing glass – which in turn is used in making various products; including the items that we use in the kitchen, the glass materials that are used for construction & many more. Therefore quartz plays a major role in our day to day life – which cannot be neglected at all. Most of the things that we use on a daily basis have at least a light influence of the mineral called quartz in it. Not only the above applications; but many more applications are there for it. Hence quartz is a mineral that attracts respect – due to its various applications and efficiency.


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