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Things to Consider before Hip Replacement Surgery


A hip replacement surgery is when the hip is replaced by a prosthetic one. The hip can be replaced entirely or it is also semi-replacement as well. Having your hip replaced by a prosthetic limb is a thing that is considered by so many people, but getting the best hip replacement surgery in India can be a tough task as always.

To ease this very tough task you must consider some important things before the surgery. It will help you in the best effective way possible. As you know hip replacement surgery is woven around days of not walking or not moving much. It will take so much toll on your daily life, for this reason, you must map all the things beforehand. Here we have listed the tips for your convenience.

  • To Consider the Surgery

If you are suffering from hip problems for a long while or any of your family member is going through the same, you can always contact a good doctor. A good doctor can recommend you a hip replacement, and you can always consider the same. If you have been weighing the options on the hip replacement, and have been using pain medications and other types of treatment, but nothing works, you can always have the surgery. A hip replacement will get you the permanent solution to your problem. You will no longer suffer from periodic pain or extreme discomfort.

  • Say No to Smoking

If you are considering a hip replacement surgery, you must quit smoking. This will help you get more energy than before and you will be able to recover fast after the operation. If you are smoking, then nicotine will store and it will slow down your movement and recovery in a huge way. Thus, you must look after your health and aim for a fast recovery as always.

  • Lose Some Weight

Try losing some extra weight before you go for a hip replacement surgery. Losing weight will give you a complication free operation and you will be able to recover faster always. You can ask your doctor about the specifics on weight loss, that is how much you have to lose and what is the food you should eat for the same. Your doctor will help you set a goal taking care of your overall health.

  • Not to Disability

If you are still considering the option of hip replacement, the suggestion will be to refrain from the duality of your mind. If you or anyone you know is suffering from hip pain and in need of a surgery, then go for it and encourage others too. Hip is the place that controls out movement and walking as well. Thus, you must know that if you avoid the must needed surgery it might lead towards disability as well. There are so many people out there who are suffering from disability just because of avoiding hip replacement surgery. You must avoid considering other ways but choose the surgery as soon as possible.

  • Not Only Old People

It is important to know that hip replacement is not secluded around old people, it can happen to anyone. People at the age of 20 to 30 can get affected by hip problems, as they like to sit around and work out less. An inactive life can be a huge cause of hip problems and thus the need for hip replacement requires. If you are suffering from hip problems and your doctor have hinted the replacement surgery, you must go for it. If you think only old people should get it, you must keep this thought out of your mind and do what’s best for your body.

  • Select the Best Surgeon

If you are finally going for the hip replacement surgery you must find out the best surgeon for you. Do some search of your own, or you can ask around as well. You will always get the best recommendation from the hospitals, or from your friends. They will give you the suggestion on the best hip replacement surgeon. Go for an experience check on the surgeons you have shortlisted. That will help you in the best way to select the best one. Check on the availability of that surgeon and their skills, only that way you will get the best surgery and a fast recovery.

  • Donate Your Blood

You must donate some of your own blood before you go for the surgery. This very thing will be needed when a blood transfusion is needed for yourself and this blood will come in handy. It can happen that your blood type might not be found, thus this will help you in the perfect way.

  • Get One Hip First

If you are considering getting the total hip replacement, you must know that getting one after another is the best option you can avail. If you go for one hip replacement first it will help prevent the clotting of blood. It will also prevent the occurrence of infections as well. You get well from one side then go for another hip portion. This will make you stronger than before.

  • Recovery Time

Most people who have gone through a hip replacement it has taken 6 to 8 weeks for them to recover properly. If anyone tells you that you can come back healthy as a horse, try to avoid that. It will always take time to fully recover. So you must consider the things you will be unable to attend like, job, household chores, and make your decision for the surgery. You are having this surgery to live a better life, and that will certainly take its time.

  • Without Warranty

Consider that hip replacement surgery is far from a permanent solution. You must know that nowadays, people have to get a hip replacement again. For future news, this very surgery will last to 6 to 7 decades, but for now, it’s clearly not the case.

  • Be Safe in the Bathroom

You must install safe sitting arrangements in the bathroom. This will help you feel comfortable and feel less pain after your surgery.

Get a hip replacement if you are suffering for a long time and consider the above-mentioned points on it. It will help you in an efficient way and you will be able to recover fast.


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