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Things Everyone Needs To Know About A Podiatry Visit


Have you finally realized that you need to visit your podiatrist, but this is your first time going? Well, there are some things you do need to know before going to your podiatrist. First of all, it is important that you choose a podiatrist that you can trust, so picking a reputable clinic such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry is definitely a good choice.

The first step

We all know that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem, and that goes with physical pain as well. After this, you need to take action, and the appropriate action would be to get an appointment at your podiatrist. But there are things you need to consider before going to visit your podiatrist.

  1. Make a list

Don’t not be embarrassed about creating a list of all the symptoms that you experienced before going to your podiatrist. In this list, you should also mention any medications you might be taking, and just so you do not forget, you can include the questions you wanted to ask as well.

There are many conditions that can cause a lot of pain

  1. The results

If you have any X-rays, lab results or other tests, such as MRIs, it is important that you bring them to your podiatrist if you can, especially if they have anything to do with your feet. This will help your podiatrist understand your condition better.

  1. Insurance policy

While your insurance company might cover all the expenses of a podiatrist or the orthotics if needed, they will probably not do that for all podiatrists. It is always safer to check with them before visiting just any podiatrist, and let them give you a referral to the right doctor. If you need help, you can always visit a  podiatrist Randwick by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  1. Special needs

If you have special needs or an underlying condition that you already know, make sure that you mention this to a podiatrist. There are several conditions that can make your feet more prone to injuries, so don’t let your podiatrist guess this, and help them out.

Keep your legs clean, and do not shave them

  1. Have a third ear

If you are not sure you will be able to listen to all the things your podiatrist has to say, you can always ask a family member to accompany you. It is not a bad idea to have somebody else there as well who can remember what you might have forgotten.

  1. Shoes might be the culprit

In most cases, the shoes we wear are the reason why our feet are injured or feeling pain. If your pain happens when you walk in shoes, make sure to bring them with your podiatrist, especially if this happens during your running or typical exercises.

  1. Proper hygiene is important, but don’t go overboard

It is very important that you wash your feet, obviously, but you do not have to overdo it. For example, there is no need for you to shave your legs ladies, because as long as they are clean, a podiatrist will not care if they are hairy. Another thing to avoid is painting your nails or having a pedicure done before the visit at the podiatrist.

Final word

While you need to know all of the above, you should also know that the longer you prolong the inevitable, the bigger problem might occur. It is important that you visit your doctor on time because you might make things much worse than they already were.

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