The Top 5 Movies You Wish You Could Watch Again… For The First Time


There has always been this one moment where all of us have wished we could yet again experience the sense of fascination by the unidentified, to be in awe as to what is about to happen and see the same twists but with fresh eyes and mind.

Of course, listening to the same punch lines once again feels amazing, but nothing can be compared to the priceless feeling you get when you hear them for the very first time.

Now imagine you being able to neutralise that memory of you watching a specific movie for the first time and viewing it once again – isn’t it the best thing ever that could happen to you?

That being said, right from thriller movies to plot twist films and everything in between, in this article we’ve mentioned the top 5 films which, without any second thoughts, all us would love to watch yet again… for the first time!

So without further ado, let’s get going…

The Sixth Sense

Speaking of movies that we could watch again for the first time, there’s no better way than to start with this one.  A 1999 American mystic thriller movie, The Sixth Sense revolves around the anecdote of Cole Sear – an anxious, lonely guy – who has the power to talk to dead people and a psychologist, who’s equally disturbed, trying to help him.

Well, this is one such movie whose end scene sends chills down your spine… literally! It has successfully nailed the ability to make its spectator’s blood run cold so much so that it can nearly leave them stock-still.

This section is like the “a-ha moment” where everything suddenly starts falling in place whilst making perfect sense. Even more, you’ll right away start thinking that you’ve got to watch this film one more time to find the plot twist. But you know what… this is strictly a one-time feeling, which is why it makes you wish you could see it again for the first time.

Legally Blonde

A 2001 American comedy movie, Legally Blonde is directed by Robert Luketic and written by Karen McCullan Lutz and Kirsten Smith. The film is about Elle Woods, a Hawaiian Tropic girl and natural blonde, who brings together all the available resources and gets into Harvard just to win her ex-boyfriend back.

Though law schools are far cry from the comfort of Elle’s mall and poolside, she still managed to be herself and worked hard to achieve her dreams.

In the movie, it’s the court scene when Elle enters in her typical pink dress and that is when she’s judged for simply being her. But despite of all that, she wins the case by making use of her real-life experience and shows that she’s got a place in this profession.

Now, although none of those free Will templates can be used to pass on her way of dealing with cases, lawyers can surely watch this movie once again and take leaf out of Elle’s pink book!

Fight Club

Have you ever had a friend come to you and say, “Hey you know what… Fight Club is finally on Netflix and I’m going to watch it tonight.”? If you’ve been there, you’d certainly know how it feels, especially when you’ve already watched the movie – ahh, that feeling of jealously!

Based on the 1996 novel with a similar name, Fight Club is a movie starring Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton. The film basically revolves around Norton, the anonymous protagonist, who is unhappy with his monotonous 9 to 5 job. Later, he starts his “fight club” along with Tyler Durden, enacted by Brad Pitt, where men gradually start joining particularly those wanting to fight.

If you’ve watched the movie before, you know how incredibly astonishing the plot twist is. And this is what makes every cinephile wish that they could see this film once again for the first time.


This one is, without a doubt, our much-loved movie amongst all the others. We like everything about it, right from the way the characters have portrayed themselves to how all of them literally crash into each other’s life.

In the entire movie, the “invisibility cloak” scene is the one that we loved the most. Those who’ve already seen this film would perhaps remember it. Believe us or not, after seeing that scene, we cried – we really did, so much so that we have no words to express the feeling.

The Usual Suspects

A crime thriller movie, The Usual Suspects was directed by Bryan Singer and released in the year 1995. Of course, we can’t reveal much without giving away any spoilers (although this movie has been there for over a decade and almost all of you might be aware of how it ends), but we’d like to give away one good thing about the movie that is, Bryan Singer is a part of it…actually!

Moreover, this is one of those movies which will make you feel extremely stupid for not being able to figure out the end – mark our words!

So, these were some of the movies that we’d personally like to watch again… obviously, for the first time with the same chills and thrills. But even if you can’t get those same feelings back, they are all worth a second, third or even tenth watch!

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise