A place is never complete without proper lighting. We use to pay attention to all the furniture and the color on the walls and we finally forget how to light up the house. Now it is about time to learn some basic details that will make your living room shine with pride.

Warmer place

Lighting can warm up, highlight space and be used properly to hide its imperfections. Consider it as an important tool with which you will beautify your space – and you will not destroy it. Excessive as well as inadequate light, natural or artificial, create problems that are tedious to the eye and can cause irritation. So keep the balance and try to make the place look as natural as it can be.

What are your needs?

Discover its features and choose the lighting that will help you get the most out of the room. For example, you can use the living room not only to watch TV and relax, but also to work or read. This means you have to think about which luminaires will help you build a richer environment rather than a one-dimensional space.

Seats usually require one or two main ceiling lights for central lighting. At points where one can read, an extra light is needed, e.g. a floor lamp.  Remember that a reading corner needs to be lighted in a way that will not make your eyes feel tired. This is a place that really needs a great kind of lighting.

What about highlighting the space?

You may also need to adopt additional solutions for the living room, as you may need to illuminate a poster Copenhagen or other elements on the walls with recessed spots or arms. The proper lighting in this case is going to make everything look brighter and more important. Your posters and painting are going to look way more beautiful under the proper lighting.

When you want to have some rest

Additionally, for a relaxed atmosphere, you may want to select hidden lighting (be careful where it is going to be hidden), but if there is no provision for that, return the dimmers to the light. This is a great way to adjust the lights to the way you feel or to the way you want to feel, such as sleeping next to some light lighting.

Be classic and fancy

Table lamps, which complement what we call regional lighting, are always welcome as they create different light sources but also act as decorative elements.

The quality of lighting is still something you really need to look at. So, the warmer the light a lamp is emitting the closer to natural light is the shade it will yield.

Do you want to add more color?

Cold-light bulbs (such as energy-saving bulbs) emit more harsh light. You can use them when you want to achieve a really unique result. However, the effect is influenced by the colors on the walls, the hats and even the fabrics inside the room, such as the curtains, or the color of the floor. You can be provocative and use these kinds of lamps in your bedroom or in the bathroom too. You can also use them at the entering area of the house in order to achieve a great result by the first time someone enters into your house.

No matter what style you are going to use, try to find the best way to light up all the places in your house. Either it is white or yellow, red or green; you are free to choose what suits you and everyone that lives in the house, the best.

Erica Cormier

The author Erica Cormier