The Bali Swing, Ubud: Everything You Want to Know


The Bali Swing became such a phenomenon which countless others have arisen around Bali. It’s a challenge to go 100 yards without seeing a swing or even a sign for one. Nevertheless, the original one is at Ubud. After seeing some photos of people swing in the jungle on Instagram, you might want to try it. It looks pretty dangerous in a photo, but when you arrive there, it really feels safe and is a unique experience. It’s understandable why Bali Swing is one of the very instagrammable spots of Bali.

With numerous Bali Swings out there, it can be challenging to know which is the original and authentic one. If you’re searching for the Insta-famous one, then head to the one in Ubud. You will know you are at the right location because it’s a significant operation being sold through Ubud and comes along with the most reasonable ticket price. The Bali Swing is several different swings of varying heights, with more being currently assembled. They overlook a beautiful palm tree valley with a river, giving the real Balinese jungle look and feels. It’s a gorgeous setting, and you may see why it became so popular.

Only one look in the location and you will be hooked. The official Bali Swing doesn’t come cheap. The price of the Bali Swing is 48.31 SGD (35 USD) for time on the planters and swings. If you would like to go in and take pictures although not really use the swing you still pay 13.8 SGD (10 USD). The Bali Swing gets unbelievably busy, so it is worth it to turn up in the first time, the earlier, the better. Preferably you won’t need the sensation of a queue developing while you are attempting to get a perfect shot. Whenever we were there, it was getting bustling even at 9am. We’d advise heading there to the 8 am opening time to ensure you do not have the queues and pressure of others needing to get on the swings. The early morning can be when the lighting is at its best, tender rather than directly in the shot. Should you go in the late mid-day, you run the possibility of shadows and the center of the day can cause harsh contrasts.



Clare Louise

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