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Strategies for Fine-Tuning CBD Oil Dosage to be Used


Cannabidiol is accepted as a therapeutic, healing substance, but the phase for it is infancy. Professionals and scientists of medical researches are now developing the schedule dosages for medical hemp, medical marijuana, and extracts of them.

The current situation where states are legalizing medical marijuana, there are a lot of physicians who don’t feel good to prescribe cannabinoids, such as CBD and there are two reasons for it.

  • It is not possible for doctors to prescribe just cannabinoids as there’s no RDA or recommended daily allowance or a universal dosage for every people.
  • In the pharmacology courses of medical schools, they will never cover cannabidiol/CBD. All of the drug curricula is set up revolving the patented substances.

As there is no dose recommendation, this article only serves as an informational guide, a reference for starting point and please don’t consider this as any medical advice.

Everyone in the Earth is Different from Each Other

This is the best way if you want to advise about cannabinoids. The variables are too much in humans, and they include, diet, weight, genetics, metabolism, product consistency, environment, and so when it comes to prescribing a universal dosage, it becomes impossible.

If you wish to provide with mathematical CBD dosage calculator to the patients, it is not as that good.

So, what people do is they stay with the minimal suggested dosage at the start of CBD Oil Canada, then they will check how is it working, and then they will gradually increase the dose till they find the dosage accurate for them.

The standard serving dosage for CBD is 25mg and should be taken twice daily.

You can increase the CBD dose by 25mg in about every 3 to 4 weeks until you attain relief from symptoms. Also, if the symptom starts worsening, you decrease by 25mg.


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