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The iPhone has taken the world by storm. The sheer number of Apple-created handheld products in the market and in use is overwhelming. Dedicated Apple users around the world popping up at every corner. However, is the blare of the monotonous ringtone of your iPhone gnawing at your aesthetic senses? Incessant advertising inform us that there are several providers of readymade ringtones, however, more often than not, they are available at varying costs. The more individualistic users are on a timeless search for methods to create ringtones out of sound clips of their choice. helps it’s users to add this personal touch to their handheld device. The site guides you on how to make ringtones for your iPhone on your PC.

The users are allowed to upload audio clips in an array of formats. The uploaded clips can be of the AAC, FLAC, M4, PM3, WAV or VWM format.

Furthermore, the website hosts a elegantly designed interface to modulate your sound file. Users can easily choose the start and stop timings of their audio using a drag tool. To facilitate perfection in the creation of your ringtone, there is also an option to play your selected clip for preview. There are tabs to control the volume of your tone. Additionally, an icon can be used to repeat an parts that you choose.

Another concern for self-sufficient ringtone creators is the format of the product. To avoid the hassle of conversion of your creation from one format to another, provides two formats for downloading. It is advisable for Apple users to download their final ringtones in the M4R format.

The most alluring feature of is the simplistic and graceful line of its design and minimal advertising within the page. This service is provided by the website free of cost with no catches or conditions at all. Users are allowed to create an unlimited number of clips for themselves for free without registration or entry of any personal information. There are also clear-cut instructions to create the tunes that waft off of your iPhone to dictate your life.

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