Reasons to Choose a Wood Burning Stove

Reasons to Choose a Wood Burning Stove

A wood burner creates perfect ambience on cold days and gives you the warmth you need. Burning wood has become popular recently and has also become increasingly significant over the last few years. Also, it is more sustainable and carbon-neutral. It has as well increased the demand of house owners to have stylish and efficient wood burners. There are lot of reasons why you should buy and install wood burners in your house today. One of them is that you get Direct Stoves discount codes which helps you buy them at a cheaper rate. Other reasons are listed below:

  1. Wood is Renewable:

The costs of fuel are rising day by day which is why you are in search of alternative solutions. Well, there is nothing better than wood both for you and the environment. They’re a sustainable heat source and is carbon neutral as well. The trees can absorb the amount of carbon released in the air without any difficulty. If you’re looking for suppliers in your locality, make sure they select suppliers with plantations which is sustainable. It also improves biodiversity and supports jobs in various forestry departments. Also, it ensures that there’s enough timber which can help meet the future demands.

  1. Air wash technology:

Wood burners usually have an integrated air wash technology which helps in getting fuller flames which can be enjoyed without streaking the glass with the soot. The process of air wash technology is processed by drawing air into the stove from the top and heated between glass and fire.

  1. Suitability:

Wood burners are incredibly suitable for being used in areas where smoke control is required. If you stay in a smoke control area, then it means you are not allowed to emit smoke from the chimney of your house. Owning a wood burning stove makes your job easier. All you have to do is check if your wood stove is exempt or not. If it’s not got a smoke control kit, then install it with your stove, and you’re good to go even in smoke control areas.

  1. CE Approved:

Mostly wood burning fires or stoves are CE marked. CE marked means that the product has been tested independently according to the European standards for emissions and efficiency. This acknowledgement is recognised widely and is considered to be the highest standards in terms of commitment. It helps in the creation of most excellent quality appliances.

  1. Wide Selection:

As time has passed the quality of the wood-burning stoves, have only increased. Companies have dedicated years in developing and manufacturing the stoves and providing a wide range of designs. There are popular stove designs with double sided inset which helps connecting two separate rooms. There are also many traditional and contemporary wood burning stove options as well. For those who want to supply hot water by themselves and central heating, they too have options to do so and reduce the reliance on oil or gas.

  1. Clean burn Technology:

This is another feature which you can find in wood-burning fires or stoves. Clean burn technology is a system through which you can introduce warm air into the firebox slightly above the general height of fire. It allows the combustion of hydrocarbons which are unburnt in the stream of smoke. Besides, it gives a “clear burn” and helps generate more heat inside the room instead of letting it out through the chimney.

  1. Highly Efficient:

When compared with open fires, wood burning fire or stove prove to highly efficient. The efficiency of open flames is around 10 to 20% while that of a wood burning stove can be up to 86% which is massive. The more efficient wood burners mean more heat is supposed to remain inside your house.

  1. Functional without Chimney:

If you own a home without a chimney, worry no more. You can still have wood burning fires or stove in your house. All you need to do is attach a twin-wall pipe, and you can now enjoy the flames at your house. It will help you to stay warm in winters and also assist you investigate other rooms of your house such as family rooms and conservatories.

  1. Cooking Convenience:

Well this may not be the case with all wooden stoves, but many models have the option of a stove top. After making temperature adjustments, your stove can turn into a cooking placement as well where you can cook to your heart’s desire.

We are sure by now that you are convinced how useful wood burning stoves are. They have endless qualities and are also quite reasonable. Thus, if you’re planning to get a stove, make sure it’s the wooden one.

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