Pros and Cons of Ceramic Cookware


In order to purchase the pans and pots and use them without regrets, you should learn everything about the construction, material they are made of, technologies applied and brand itself. You should decide what you want to have in your kitchen and make a choice in accordance with your needs and preferences. If you prefer to cook in safe cookware with non-stick properties, then you are recommended to regard the ceramic pans and pots. This is the most popular product among the home chefs. But as with any other thing you can find advantages and disadvantages of this idea.

What is ceramic cookware? This is metal with good heat conductivity – usually aluminum, covered with a ceramic layer inside and enameled outside. As a result, you’ve got a cheerful, colored and reliable piece which is very convenient for fast cooking. Not far ago, people preferred the Teflon coating in this case. There are a lot of contradictions connected with this type of non-stick material including the safety, durability and so on. But times goes, the technology advances and the new formula was developed becoming the best alternatives of the initial Teflon. Unfortunately, it still can release harmful fumes at the high temperatures. That is why some customers refuse from Teflon pans in favor of ceramic cookware. Why is it better? And whether everything is perfect with it?

Let’s first consider the advantages. As we have mentioned before being made of natural materials it is toxic free and that is a big deal. There are no harmful fumes and it just cannot be dangerous even suppositionally. It is really non-stick. It is really easy to prepare foods using this type of cookware. Being simple in maintenance it will not demand a lot of your attention.

And those all features are added to affordability. The prices are really not so high. Probably the manufacturers are going to improve in this area and provide the more lasting coating. Another benefit: the ceramic cookware is lightweight and that means that you won’t get tired handling it. It is not a trifle because a solid pan filled with food is a heavy thing, you know.

As to washing here you can find the permission to clean in a dishwasher but stile handwashing is preferable if you want to extend the performance of the coating. There is all the more reason for this as it does not require a lot of efforts. Though this is not a Tefal, still you should be careful when using metal utensils as far as the ceramic is delicate enough and can be scratched. The best choice is wooden or silicon tools. Again ceramic cookware should be used with medium heat not more in order to prevent damage of the coating. Perhaps for the cooking techniques demanding the high temperature you’d better by stainless steel pieces. It is normal to have various items in the kitchen.

But you can be absolutely sure that ceramic cookware is worth a buy. Considering all pros and cons just deiced whether you need only a couple of pans of this kind or your cooking style make you to purchase the set. Remember that the main advantage is that this cookware is indeed safer compared to Teflon pans and more convenient than stainless steel items. Probably the only right solution is to have various pans and use them for the particular purposes taking into account their weaknesses and strengths.

If you spend a lot of time cooking and the details do matter for you, you should master your skills and use the benefits of every technology to achieve the best result. Obviously ceramic is good for the beginners as far as it is really easy to cook in it. Remember that it gets up to the established temperature not as quickly as the metal pans do. But it holds onto heat longer that is why you can stop cooking before the food is completely ready and let them continue without heat. Thus you can avoid over-cooking.


Dorothy Latch

The author Dorothy Latch