There are many users who, when switching to the electric smoke or the vaporizer to quit traditional tobacco, learn how to make liquids with nicotine so as not to suffer from the unwanted withdrawal syndrome. Depending on the number of cigarettes that the person smoked before switching to the electronic cigarette, the quantity of nicotine to be carried in their compounds will be one or the other.

  1. Have you noticed 10ml bottles with high nicotine concentrations (10-20 mg) called nico kits and do not know how to use them?
  2. Have you seen advertised e-liquids in containers of 60 ml to 0 mg of nicotine filled only up to 50 ml and you have asked yourself why do a nicotine-free liquid?
  3. We explain this versatile solution that solves the requirements of the TPD regulations in a very simple way.
  4. Why has this new form of E-liquid Mate packaging been generated?

This new system arises as a result of the need to manufacture e-liquid that complies with the requirements established by the TPD regulations. If you want to make 10ml just multiply the previous quantities by 10 and that’s it. The compound is very simple to do, just agitate it for approximately 10 seconds and that’s it.

The final result will be a low nicotine liquid of approximately 7 mg/ml, if you perceive you do not hold sufficient nicotine, you can place extra e-liquid and less distilled water or glycerin or propylene glycol.

Variants of the liquid recipe for vaping

If you prefer to have more nicotine, remove drops of water and replace them with drops of nicotine. You could also remove drops of glycerin or propylene glycol and replace them with nicotine.

If you want to make a NON-nicotine-free liquid, you should only replace the commercial e-liquid with glycerin if you want it to produce more vapor. Replace it with flavoring if you need it to have a greatly powerful taste. Replace it with propylene glycol if you only want it to produce a normal amount of steam and not have such a strong taste.

Learn to be cautious when handling nicotine and handle secure components of the high-grade quality. The manufacturers of e-liquid have adapted to the requirements of the TPD by selling 60 ml containers containing 50 ml of product at zero grams of nicotine.

This product is thought to be mixed with a nico-kit forming an e-liquid with the levels that we want of nicotine, pg, and VG.

How do I calculate the nicotine that I should mix with the e-liquid?

Very easy. A very common composition is to mix a nico-kit containing 100 mg of nicotine diluted in 10 ml of liquid (which may be 100% pg, 100% VG or a mixture of both). Processing it in your 60 ml jar including 50 ml of the product will result in a 1.5 mg nicotine/ml concentration.

In the case of a 20mg nicotine for every ml of e- liquid, it will result in a mix  of 3 mg of nicotine/ml when combined with your preferred e-liquid of 0mg of nicotine.


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