Make your wedding invitations the best one


Wedding invitations act as the formal invitations of the wedding which are sent to the guest. Though it seems to be quite simple, a lot of effort and time goes into planning the wedding card of one’s liking. Everything which is related to the wedding is quite special be it a dress, cake, decorations, venue or the wedding invitations.

Today there is an endless variety of designs and styles of wedding invitation cards are available in the market. Moreover, there are sites where the couples can design their own wedding card, and this gives the card a personal touch. One very important thing that every couple should keep in mind while designing their wedding invitation is the ‘ information that should be given in these invitation cards.’ Hence it is always advisable to ask for a single sample card for the purpose of proof-reading.

Checklist for proof-reading of wedding invitation

  1. Check the name: It is very important to check whether the names mentioned on the invitation are in the correct format or not. For example, in the case of a tradition wording, it is important to mention the titles of the parents and the full name of the bride and bridegroom.
  2. Check if the purpose of the invitation is clearly mentioned: Sometimes too much creativity overshadows the very basic function of the wedding invitation. It is important to make sure that the card clearly gives the purpose of the invitation. Moreover, if the same invitation is sent for both wedding as well as reception, it should be mentioned on the invitation.
  3. Check the venue details: the invitation card should give clear information about the place where the wedding is going to take place. It is important to check that the wedding’s venue name and complete address of the venue including state and city should be clearly mentioned on the wedding invitations.
  4. Check the date and time of the wedding: The invitation card should have clear information about ‘when’ the wedding is going to take place. This includes date, month year and also the clear details of what time of the day, i.e. morning, afternoon or evening.


Erica Cormier

The author Erica Cormier