Learn About a VPN and How It Can Protect Your Online Identity


If you have been watching the news recently then you will have seen much about identity theft and how snooping hackers are always trying to find out what you are doing online and take advantage of your online behavior.

Each of the news reports all regards both private firms and governments using their powers to monitor communication. It is for this reason that many more people are turning to VPN services to help protect their online presence.

If you like the idea of staying private online but aren’t sure what a VPN is, keep reading to find out.

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network.

Consider this. Each time that you visit a website, your ISP (internet service provider) keeps a record of the site and can and will provide it to relevant authorities. They can also use this information for marketing and sales purposes, further damaging your online privacy.

When using a VPN, your ISP does not have this or any level of visibility into the types of sites you are visiting. Further, all communication done through a VPN is heavily encrypted, meaning that prying eyes aren’t able to see even the most basic of data a website may request.

Once you have chosen a VPN service, you install a small program or a range of settings to your computer. Once installed, instead of connecting to your ISP and allowing them to do your browsing for you, your VPN services keeps all of your traffic private and encrypted, telling your ISP only that you have accessed their service.

Can It Protect You?

A very good question and the answer is both yes and no.

For the primary reason you are using a VPN, yes, it can protect your data from prying eyes or hackers trying to access your information.

However, it is important to realize that no web browsing is truly anonymous, simply because even a VPN service will keep a record of the sites which you visit. This means that all of the information which you would usually provide to your ISP is now help and kept by a third party company which you have limited knowledge of.

While it may read as though a VPN is just another ISP which you have to pay for, first remember that the VPN you choose can be located in another country. This means that they likely aren’t subject to local laws and, as such, are in a better position than your ISP to keep your browsing data secure and private.

For this reason, it is increasingly important that you choose a VPN provider which you trust and one which comes highly recommended. If you aren’t how to find the best one, look online through forums or for a reputable review site which has done much of the leg-work for you or take advantage of a nordvpn coupon from Groupon Coupons to get access to a high-quality VPN service at a great rate.

Using a VPN can be a great benefit, but ultimately its use is a decision only you can make. If you are concerned about your online privacy then a VPN can be for you, however, if you aren’t too bothered who is watching your online behavior then you do without one.

Dorothy Latch

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