Keep your camera in manual mode to take great pictures


One can master the art of photography only when they have a complete understanding of the camera settings. Different cameras offer different functions. You cannot use a single setting for every type of photography. Many times you are required to change settings according to the situation. You can click great pictures when you have control over the settings of your camera.

Key elements in camera settings

  • Aperture: Aperture is the iris of the lens through which the light passes. More light passes with a wider aperture and vice versa. It is the first setting that determines how much is in focus.
  • Shutter speed: The light reaches the shutter once it passes through the lens. Shutter speed allows you to decide the amount of light that you allow in the camera. Different shutter speed is required for different situations.
  • ISO: The light reaches the sensor after passing through aperture and shutter speed. The photographer has to decide the ISO setting. The higher the ISO number, the more the exposure. If overexposed it may deteriorate the quality of the image.

Photography tips for beginners

  • Try different composition: Composition is one of the things that you can experiment with. It helps you to take different and engaging photos. Try using different composition to make your picture look more appealing.
  • Take your time: Photography is one genre that requires your complete attention. Even the slightest mistake can cost you a good capture. Hence, it is advisable that you slow down and take your time to prepare yourself for the capture.
  • Move around: While photographing picture people generally, concentrate on the subject and the camera. However, they forget their body movement which plays an important role — moving your feet while ensuring that you get to capture your subject through different angles.

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