Is Now the Time to Have Your Teenager Driving?


Deciding on when the right time is to let your teen learn how to drive can prove challenging for some parents.

On the one hand, you want them to experience the joy and excitement of getting a license when they become of age. On the flip side, you likely worry about their safety as they get out there on the roads with many other drivers.

So, is now the time to have your teenager driving?

Will They Have Their Own Vehicle or a Family Car?

In the event you do decide now is the time for your teen to learn how to drive, you have some other decisions to make.

For instance, will they have their own car or will you allow them to use the family vehicle?

If you opt for the former, how will you know what kind of car to get them?

In most cases, parents in such a situation will buy their child a used vehicle. Not only does this tend to save money, but it also means they won’t go bonkers if the kid gets a few scratches on it or worse.

If you decide to look online and in-person for a used vehicle, will you think about a VIN search?

In the event you did not know, having the vehicle I.D. number (VIN) can be quite helpful when searching to buy a used vehicle.

With that number, consumers go online and look up different details about a vehicle.

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Among the things to research:

  • Accidents – Has the vehicle in question been in any major accidents over time? If it has, will the current owner be honest with you about what happened and what repairs they did? Unfortunately, some owners will not always be upfront. As a result, some consumers can get shafted when buying a used car or truck.
  • Recalls – You would not want to buy a used vehicle for your teen if you knew it was under a notable recall, correct? With that in mind, it is important to use that VIN search to learn about any such recalls. Also go online and do a Google search of the make and model you have interest in. This allows you to see if there are in fact any recalls now.

Make Sure Responsibility Does Not Take Back Seat

Even when buying a used car for your teen, the importance of driver responsibility is huge.

Since your teen does not have the experience of older drivers, they must be responsible.

This means avoiding distractions such as:

  • Cell phones
  • Messing around with friends in the vehicle
  • Driving while tired
  • Drinking and driving
  • Road rage

By being the most responsible driver, your teen lowers his or her chances of being in a serious accident.

So, if now is the time for your teenager to start driving, buckle up and give them as much support as possible.

Before long, you may have a new chauffer in the home.

And what parent would not be happy about that?


Clare Louise

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