Increase Your Incorporation Process To Register In Singapore Company


Singapore is one of the best and elegant ways of starting a business in Singapore. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our loyal clients by delivering value-added process, user-friendly services of high quality. Depending on your needs, A1 Business is able to support and help you in the following ways,

  • Registration of companies in relations with Singapore branches
  • Provision of nominee executive and nominee company secretary
  • Provision of registered local office address
  • Registration of a business firms
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) etc
  • Assisting with government grants and business licenses
  • Sourcing for office space and accommodation payments
  • Supporting with staffing, HR advisory, recruitment, and work pass application

Why choose A1 Business?

Among the other countries, the clients prefer Singapore in order to enhance the business growth and to attain the desired goal. Following are the some important criteria, which explain why most of the concerns choose a1 business.

  • Respond to your query in a quick manner
  • Fast and accurate in preparation and submission of documents
  • Over 10 years of expertise in the incorporating businesses field
  • High customer satisfaction
  • A portfolio of more than 1280 clients
  • Great value with a service guarantee
  • Price transparency with no hidden cost

Set up a trading company in Singapore:

Are you seeking the best way for setting up a business strategy?  We are very satisfied to offer our clients top quality and reliable service. We place very strong importance on speed, convenience, and consistency in dealings with clients. We have well-qualified professionals in assisting our clients to run their businesses efficiently and effectively through good disciplines in the criteria like accounting, financial control, and observance. The following are the some details needed for the purpose of incorporation of the company:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • Details of Executives
  • Details of shareholders
  • Principal performance of the company
  • Registered local address of the company
  • Amount of paid-up S$1 share

Guide on Singapore company registration:

The A1 Singapore company setup the is needed to incorporate the trading structure with the company. The procedure and rules of the company are computerizing through the official website. Therefore, the time needed to process and register your company is short, and take only 1-2 days under usual conditions. After incorporating and registering your proposed company, some actions need to apply for a licensing proceeding to starting the company’s structures and operations. The high level of start-up user-friendly network with the availability of your company in the structure of funding assistance with the development of many registration processes.

Setting up a virtual office in Singapore:

For business owner’s priority, flexibility, low cost, and efficiency, setting up A1 virtual office in Singapore  is the best possible choice to enhance the business growth. A good virtual office service provider should be responsible for giving enough experience and efficiently assist the business owner in managing all essential tasks, with more attention.


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