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How To Prepare For A Major Home Remodeling: Here’s What You Should Do


Make no mistake, a major home remodeling is far from those small DIY repairs you’re accustomed to. In fact, home remodeling is best outsourced to capable, licensed, and experienced contractors. Working with a Northern Virginia remodeling company requires a lot of planning and pre-planning. Jumping into a major renovation project without any foresight and preparation is just asking for disaster and a lot of expenses. 

To help prepare homeowners like yourself, here’s a checklist of things that will help you get your home ready for the renovations: 

1. Start With A Schedule 

Work with your remodeling contractor and set a schedule. Think about the people living inside the home and those who will be working on the project. Homeowners with kids are better off scheduling the work during the summer so that the kids’ daily routine will not be interrupted. They can be sent to a summer camp or to live with nearby relatives so that they don’t have to live inside a house that is being renovated. 

2. Plan Where Your Furniture Can Be Stored 

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling will involve moving around large pieces of furniture like bathtubs and refrigerators. Before the Northern Virginia remodeling team starts their work you need to figure out the best place to store your furniture. If there is more than enough room inside your garage, great! However, there is always the option of renting out a storage unit within the area, just as a temporary solution until everything can be moved back to your home. 

3. Set Living Arrangements In Advance 

A major remodeling project leads to a lot of noise, dust, and strangers walking around your house. Most homeowners prefer not to stay in their house while the project is being completed. Make sure to settle your temporary living arrangements before the work starts. After all, you do not want the sounds of saws and drills as your alarm clock. And to drink your morning coffee while there’s dust floating everywhere. 

4. Prepare For Delays And Other Problems 

No remodeling project ever goes without a hitch, even the most detailed and well-planned project will face some delays here and there. Don’t stress about these small inconveniences. Instead, plan ahead and give yourself and your contractor enough wiggle room in case something does go wrong. Something as simple as adjusting your budget and timeframe accordingly will ensure you won’t stress out too much when the next shipment of materials is delayed for a couple of days. 

5. Know Who Has Access To Your Home 

Be clear with a contractor that your house is not open for anyone at all hours of the day. Set a proper working schedule with your remodeling team and ensure that they lock all the doors before calling it a day. Know who has access to your keys and be strict with who goes in and out, this is very important for your privacy and safety. 

Preparing for a major home remodeling project doesn’t have to extremely stressful. Just make sure to work with a remodeling company you can trust so that you don’t have to worry about your safety and security.

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