If you are trying to decide what is the perfect finish for your bathroom. Then this guide will help you to know what’s hot and what’s not in the market.

This will also show you how to work with the hot trends in the market as well. The faucet is mostly used as a design element. Usually, you can find plenty of bathroom faucet choices in present market such as brushed nickel bathroom faucets, brass, bronze, stainless, and few other options. Now, to pick the perfect pick for your bathroom you can consider these options.

Updating the older designs:

If you are vintage finishes on your classic faucet in a traditional bathroom then you have to update yourself. Vintage is more an older style update your style to the latest waterfall bathroom faucets these are presently awesome in look. Along with that, you can use other modern faucet shapes which are trendy.

Use more than one finish in the same bathroom:

Striving to get a fabulous look, then you can use multiple finishes for your bathroom and you can even add dimensions and contrast to it. Using harmony is the key to pulling out the look together. Choose brushed or polished finish on one side and use champagne bronze or brushed nickel bathroom faucets on the other sides. These will look great in your bathroom and it will give fresh look.

Brushed metals help in hiding bad things:

If you are an OBC patience or obsessed with neatness you can choose the brushed finish on your bathroom. It can hide bad things from you and keep its good looks. The brushed faucet muted surface will help you from mask fingerprints and water spots and as it’s having a polished finish, it is better in holding the look of your bathroom.


Bettina Richard

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