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Five Useful Tips to Ensure That You Are Using Your Vacuum Cleaner the Right Way


A vacuum cleaner is a very popular home appliance today. It is considered to be an easy-to-use cleaning appliance that sucks up the dust in your house leaving it clean and fresh. If you buy a vacuum cleaner, the time needed for cleaning your home gets reduced by half. You may also own a vacuum cleaner, but are you using it right? Are you able to derive its full potential? Below are a few tips that will help you to use your vacuum cleaner to the best of its abilities.

Clear the Surface to Be Vacuumed

A cluttered-up room is not easy to vacuum. Take some time to remove any furniture, movable bedding, cushions, small articles, toys etc. lying on the carpet or floor before you start the process. It will save you time and make the cleaning process smoother.


Dust Your House before You Start Vacuuming

The whole purpose of vacuuming is to clear the house of dust. Dusting your house after vacuuming will completely waste your efforts. Soon, there will be a fine layer of dust on the freshly vacuumed floors and carpets. Dusting beforehand allows the vacuum cleaner to capture any loose dust released from the furniture and leaves the room free of dust.

Use Your Vacuum in All Directions

Cleaning the carpet fibres can be tricky as they are looped within each other and allow dust to get all around them. Using your vacuum cleaner in all directions (back and forth and at the right angles) will ensure that all the dust is removed from the carpet. Finish vacuuming in one direction before starting on the next.

Empty the Dust Cavity Regularly

Your vacuum cleaner will work efficiently if it is filled up half or lesser. Beyond that, it will lose its ability to give you the best. To ensure that it continues to work properly, empty the dust container once it is half full. It is best to empty out the container before you start the cleaning process. Any dust that comes out will be cleaned up right away when you start action for the day. Spend some time to wipe out the dust cavity for even better results

Don’t Rush It!

Though the vacuum cleaner is a machine, give it time to do its work. Cleaning over various sections of the carpet slowly will allow the dust to be released with the prolonged action of the brush and make it cleaner. Take time to clean the nooks and corners using the crevice tool. If these are ignored, they could accumulate dust, which will be very tough to clean out at a later stage. Clean under the raised furniture regularly

A vacuum cleaner, if used well, can give you excellent service for a long time. The various attachments are designed to help us clean different items. Using the correct attachment will give better results. Familiarise yourself with the use of each. Plan the process and give your loved ones a dust-free, clean house. Buy a vacuum cleaner and make your cleaning tasks hassle-free by following the above tips.

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