Ergonomic Seating Solutions On the Go



Remote workers are becoming more and more common in the professional world. Every day, more and more companies look to hire remote employees for their experience without the hassle of forcing a move or hiring less qualified candidates where the company is located. Telecommuting has never been more seamless, and as internet speeds grow faster, it will soon feel as if remote workers are truly in the same room.

For that reason, remote workers are working from home or public spaces more and more often. Heading to the library or a coffee shop is convenient because of the free internet access, but the seating and work environments are rarely ever ideal. Likewise, the work conditions at home might not be what is commonly found in an office, so it is important to recreate a productive environment as best as possible. For many, that means a new office chair, but what if there was a chair that could go with the worker wherever they went? It would have to be lightweight, dynamic, and ergonomic all at once, and Autonomous has achieved just that.

The ErgoStool is Light and Ergonomic, Unlike Any Other Chair

The best lightweight office chair from Autonomous is actually not a chair at all. The ErgoStool is a dynamic, industry changing option for remote workers as well as traditional office employees. With a number of workers complaining of sore limbs and stiff bodies after a long work day, the ErgoStool is able to offer a seat for desk work, as well as a sit stand hybrid position for keeping the legs limber and the body upright at all times.

Bad posture adds a strain on workers, and can be quite debilitating. Needless to say, if an employee feels stiff or sore, distractions occur often and limit the ability for simple tasks to be completed. The ErgoStool solves this by offering a more natural form of sitting to remote workers. The body while standing sways with the weight of each limb, and distributes the pressure of holding the body upright evenly to ensure no single leg or limb takes on too much.

The ErgoStool mimics this motion by having a heavy base and a free moving stem for the user to sway their body on, with no risk of falling over. The ErgoStool is naturally posture perfecting, with no backrest or armrest for the remote employee to slouch or slump on. Additionally, the ability to adjust the ErgoStool up 10” to provide a sit stand hybrid position allows for a nice break from the traditional seated position. All of this is offered in a very lightweight design that is easy to grab and go when work calls for the professional to be somewhere outside the home or typical work space.

Once Again, Autonomous Raises the Bar

Autonomous is a one stop shop for office furniture and accessories that are on the forefront of innovation. Productive workers are only as successful as the equipment and tools at hand, and with Autonomous, office chairs are more than just a place to sit. The ErgoStool and other Autonomous seating solutions are productivity boosting as well as simple ways to keep work interesting and engaging.

Posture and performance go hand in hand, and the ErgoStool excels at maximizing both for the user. At the lowest price point in the Autonomous office chair product line, this lightweight, easy to use and adjust seating option provides remote workers the freedom to go anywhere and have an ergonomic seat with them. With a variety of colors to choose from and a price tag under $100, the ErgoStool is the remote worker’s best option for on the go seating at a low price that makes a big impact. Visit for the full range of Autonomous ergonomic office chairs.



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