Keep your camera in manual mode to take great pictures


One can master the art of photography only when they have a complete understanding of the camera settings. Different cameras offer different functions. You cannot use a single setting for every type of photography. Many times you are required to change settings according to the situation. You can click great pictures when you have control over the settings of your camera.

Key elements in camera settings

  • Aperture: Aperture is the iris of the lens through which the light passes. More light passes with a wider aperture and vice versa. It is the first setting that determines how much is in focus.
  • Shutter speed: The light reaches the shutter once it passes through the lens. Shutter speed allows you to decide the amount of light that you allow in the camera. Different shutter speed is required for different situations.
  • ISO: The light reaches the sensor after passing through aperture and shutter speed. The photographer has to decide the ISO setting. The higher the ISO number, the more the exposure. If overexposed it may deteriorate the quality of the image.

Photography tips for beginners

  • Try different composition: Composition is one of the things that you can experiment with. It helps you to take different and engaging photos. Try using different composition to make your picture look more appealing.
  • Take your time: Photography is one genre that requires your complete attention. Even the slightest mistake can cost you a good capture. Hence, it is advisable that you slow down and take your time to prepare yourself for the capture.
  • Move around: While photographing picture people generally, concentrate on the subject and the camera. However, they forget their body movement which plays an important role — moving your feet while ensuring that you get to capture your subject through different angles.
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The Time When to Consider SSD Data Recovery Service

ssd (1)

It is important to remember that SSDs have a limited use cycle, measured by the amount of write actions and readings. As you use it, natural wear and tear causes loss of performance. These situations are much more evident on older drives. Current models have better performance regarding wear and tear, thanks to new technologies and support via drivers, as well as higher quality operating systems.

Whenever you find an error classified as a physical source, keep in mind that your drive is doomed, as this type of error is unrecoverable. If you encounter the issues discussed below that are recurring and have difficulty copying your files for backups, it’s time to seek expert SSD recovery service.

  1. Corrupted data

If you encounter corrupted data it is by far the most common defect in SSDs. More than a problem, you may face the appearance of corrupted data as indicating that there are flaws in the SSD structure, a situation in which you will probably have to retire it, or a signal that the file system is corrupted.

In general, corrupted data on a recent drive, which has an extended service life, may be tied from drive shortcuts to software problems such as improper computer shutdown, unsuccessful firmware upgrade, and other operating system errors.

  1. Boot issues

Blocks on the blue screen may be linked to defects with the SSD. In this type of defect, the drive has frequent problems in the boot process (boot is the system boot, from the time you turn the computer on until it becomes available for you to use it). This bug usually presents a series of errors and crashes in the boot that pass after you persist and restart several times. The problem with this error is that it can be indicative of a serious SSD fault.

  1. Trouble file system

Windows may display the message “Your computer needs to be repaired” which itself is a diagnostic of corrupted data inside your drive. Other operating systems also have similar error messages, which are displayed when the file system appears to be corrupted. This usually occurs when you lose your temper and turn off the computer without waiting for the system to finish correctly. It is time to look for a data recovery SSD service.

  1. Drive changes to read-only

This error is of the type and consists of the following: Your SSD stops accepting write, allows read-only data, as if it had turned into a locked drive for read-only.

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Validating MySQL to PostgreSQL Migration



Verification of the resulting database is the most significant phase of the entire migration process. The first step of the verification procedure isidentifyingthe range of objects that must be checked. Here is list of the most important database entries that have to be migrated properly:

  1. Table structures with all necessary attributes
  2. Data
  3. Indexes and foreignkeys


There are two ways to expose table definitions inMySQL:

  • run SQL query DESC table_namein MySQL command line prompt


  • highlight the table in the left pane and click’Structure’ link in phpMyAdmin

PostgreSQL allows to browse table definitionsvia \d table_name query.

Table definition is considered as properly converted when every column in resulting PostgreSQL table has the same type, size and default value as in the original MySQLtable.

The Data

Conversion of thedata is validatedby comparison of random fragmentsof source MySQL and destination PostgreSQL tables. MySQL allows to extractfragments of data as follows:

  • run SQL query: SELECT * FROM table_name LIMIT start_record, number_of_recordsin MySQL command line prompt


  • highlight the table in the left pane and select ‘Browse’ tab in phpMyAdmin

PostgreSQL also provides SELECT-query to extract the fragment of data. It has similar syntaxwith MySQL one specified above:

SELECT * FROM table_name LIMIT number_of_records OFFSET start_record

Besides data comparison, it is also importantto check that source and destination tables have equalnumber of rows. Both MySQL and PostgreSQL allow to get number of rows using thequery:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table_name

The Indexes

There are two ways to get information about indexes in MySQL:

  • run SQL query SHOW INDEXES FROM table_namein MySQL console


  • highlight the corresponding table in left pane of phpMyAdmin, click ‘Structure’ link and allindexes will appear right after the table definition

PostgreSQL listsindexes at the bottom of table DDL generated through the following statement: \d table_name

The Foreign Keys

MySQL offers two options to expose information about foreign keys:

  • run SQL-query: SHOW CREATE TABLE `table name`from MySQL command prompt


  • highlight the corresponding table in left pane of phpMyAdmin,select ‘Structure’ and click the ‘Relations view’ linkbelow table definition

PostgreSQL stores information about foreign keys inthe service table “information_schema”. It can be extracted via the following query:

SELECTtc.constraint_name, tc.table_name, kcu.column_name, ccu.table_name AS fk_table_name,ccu.column_name AS fk_column_nameFROM information_schema.table_constraints AS tc    JOIN information_schema.key_column_usage AS kcu      ON tc.constraint_name = kcu.constraint_name    JOIN information_schema.constraint_column_usage AS ccu      ON ccu.constraint_name = tc.constraint_nameWHERE constraint_type = ‘FOREIGN KEY’ AND tc.table_name=’table_name’;

The Views

Theonlyway to validate conversion of viewsis to compare SELECT-statements of every view in source MySQL and destination PostgreSQL databases with respect to differences between SQL dialects of these two DBMS. Thistaskrequires extensive skills of database programming.

At the sametime, the views from source and the destination databases can be easily listed.MySQL lists all views through the following query:


PostgreSQL allows to list all views in the database using this query:

SELECT table_name FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.views; More articles about PostgreSQL can be found here:

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The Benefits of Creating a Personalized Photo book


Technology has led to people storing their pictures and other images on their cell phones or computers, but the traditional photo book still features a lot of advantages as well.

Pictures are viewed as a means of capturing memorable events and ensuring that an individual can relive the occasion by going through the images produced. Technological trends have recently allowed individuals to simplify the methods used to take and store pictures, with soft copy files slowly taking over the market. Items like personal photo books will never run out of style, however, as such traditions can be upheld within a family for generations.

Individuals with a flair for the conventional can enjoy a variety of benefits from creating and storing a customized photo book, with some of these perks including:

The Provision of a dedicated Documenting System

Individuals who would like to document the progress of a certain event such as their children’s lives growing up or a marriage ceremony can use a photo book to store any images developed. Enlisting the services of the best photo book maker enhances the level of flexibility available regarding different designs for the occasion being captured. Actively transferring these pictures to a physical location also ensures that they are not mistakenly lost as a result of unforeseen technological malfunctions.

Using a traditional photo book can also serve to encourage an individual to maintain the storage of these images as a hobby. Perceiving this practice from that point of view (as a hobby) can encourage a person to continue the exercise due to the enjoyment incorporated with the activity. It is also a process that can involve multiple people, turning it into a shared social event for the individuals concerned.

A Source of Entertainment

Photo books can serve as an active source of entertainment for people who visit the owner’s home when stored in an area accessible to the public. Individuals can leave their collections on the living room table, negating any potential boredom experienced by a waiting occupant. The pictures in a collection could also serve as a source of numerous stories about past events that could provide an additional source of infotainment as well.

Parents have been known to bring out photo books for visitors containing pictures of their children while they were still babies as a source of friendly embarrassment. Individuals can also store such images with the intent of showing them to their future offspring as a means of entertainment.

Longevity and Durability

Traditional pictures are designed to last for years upon their production and do not easily wear and tear when treated with appropriate care. Clients who purchase a photo book can store precious copies of images they hold dear for decades to come. Numerous families contain old family photos that were taken many years ago and had been passed on from generation to generation.

Storing pictures in a photo book helps to preserve the overall quality of an image as many of these products are designed to protect the picture from external elements. This ensures that features such as the colors in the photo do not fade quickly over time, enhancing the potential longevity enjoyed by an owner.

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Laptop case Usability


The Laptop case uses a durable zipper, which allows you to conveniently place the laptop in the case and just as easily remove it. The soft microfiber lining helps to increase the protection of the laptop in case of accidental drops, absorbing the impact force and distributing it over the entire surface. The optimized form of the Laptop case takes into account the design features of your laptop.

The Laptop case series for laptops with an 11, 12, 13, and 15-inch screen, including Apple MacBook 12 “, MacBook Air 11”, MacBook Air 13 “, MacBook Pro 13” / Pro 13 “Retina and MacBook Pro 15” Retina . Using the Laptop case is very convenient, and it belongs to the Laptop case group, which look like an envelope. Due to the softness of the wool, the accessory is quite pleasant to use, and because there are no rivets and buckles in it, you can get your laptop out of it in seconds. It fits perfectly in the middle of the Laptop case, so you can not worry about its safety. Felt is an environmentally safe material whose structure does not wear out over time.

Features Laptop case:

  • Laptop case made to fit your laptop;
  • Permanent protection of your device from unpleasant domestic situations;
  • The material of the Laptop case is soft and elastic;
  • Simple and elegant design, interesting appearance of the Laptop case;
  • Additionally protects against falls and bumps;
  • Laptop case Portable – takes up little space;
  • The Laptop case can be carried alone, or placed in a large bag;
  • The appearance of the Laptop case does not wear out during long wear;
  • Made from soft felt.

 A convenient and presentable Laptop case made of genuine leather for MacBook Air with a display diagonal of 11, 12, 13 and 15 inches will be an excellent protective solution for a laptop when traveling or just everyday transporting a laptop around the city, say from work home and back. The Laptop case resembles an envelope in some way, because it has a fastener on a string, thanks to which the accessory will not open at the wrong time and you will not drop the laptop.

Laptop case Real Protector for Macbook

Laptop case will be an excellent protection and a wonderful decoration for your Apple-laptop. It is designed specifically for the Macbook, so ideally repeats the size and design features of the laptop. It is worth noting that it turned out in the developers. The case is lightweight and does not add extra weight. It is made in the form of a folder, which is undoubtedly very convenient to use.

Source web-site:


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Best Way To Handle Papers On Psychology Subjects Online


One can see a very good conversationalist finds it difficult to write an article on even known subject. A prolific orator need not be a prolific writer. These well-known equations may be read vice versa also. So writing, a stupendous task as the society considers it, is given to the practice of the student right from the day of learning alphabets and words. It needs patience, memory power on contents, and the language command. Unlike speech, which can be brushed off by a simple, I beg your pardon” recorded writings will bear permanence. When this kind of thing applies to all including scholars and professionals, students also want to take care in their presentation.

Special nature of psychology subject for the students to handle:

Psychology is not a routine age-old academic subject in schools and colleges and accepting psychology and psychiatry came into being very later only. Being it so, the subject papers too pose constraints to the young students to handle psychology questions and answers more. Maximum social matters like religions, faiths, logics, suicides, wars and effects, depressions, egos, pathos, compassions, cruelty and so on one can go on listing them. All of them are known to everyone. But, as an academic subject, psychology questions and answers have to be presented in an unambiguous manner.

Most of the present day online writing service providers give a lending hand for this task ably because the companies have handled this job; including the subject of psychology by virtue of their expertise gained through their experience and educational level they have with them like P.G. and PhD also. All having been said, it is quite helpful only for the students at large to take their services observe the way it has been presented, to get exposed for future assignments. The real benefit comes only then.

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Pre-Requisites of Getting an Online Recharge Done


It is believed that mobile phones have become an important part in the life of every individual. The mobile phones act as a one stop solution in his/her busy schedule or leisure time. The individuals wants to get connected with different parts of the world with the use of Internet or in any way else. This has given rise to the need for online recharge of mobile phones. It has been seen that earlier the recharges were made by visiting a recharge shop. But, now there is no need to visit a recharge shop. One can perform an online recharge by himself or herself.

 The only thing required is an internet connection. One can make an online recharge by making use of several digital apps, websites and online portals. These online portals and apps are accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world. The individuals interested can also visit the official websites of the telecom companies offering their clients with the best networking services. It is believed that the number of prepaid users in the world is near about 94% more than that of the postpaid users. Some of the telecom companies have also launched special apps that have been designed by them, so as to enable their clients for making an online recharge or making any other transaction.

 There is huge competition in the market for the mobile operators, offers as well as plans. These companies are offering their clients with the best options that are available and buying the best plan for them. The individuals can access these apps for 24×7. There are several digital apps that enable their clients to make an online recharge. These apps enable the individuals to perform a transaction, even if he/she does not have enough balance in his/her account.

The individuals can make use of these apps with the help of his/her Smartphone, Laptop, computer system, etc. This is helpful in saving one’s time and makes the entire process hassle free for them. The individuals are sometimes also offered with exclusive deals, special offers, cashback offers, etc. These apps also offer better convenience as well as wallet offers to their clients.

It is believed that some of the wallets are exclusively made for the payments only. Some of these wallets are providing other services like movie tickets, rail reservations, flight bookings, etc. These wallets can be of Paytm, Phonepe, Mobikwik, Freecharge, etc.

Some of these wallets facilitate their clients with an opportunity to make a payment by making use of an app, so as to make a transaction directly from his/her account. The individuals can also make use of their credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc for making an online recharge for mobile phone or for television. One is required to make choice for a plan that is perfectly suited to it. These apps accept multiple modes of payment. They work for promotion of cashless transactions. The individuals can select the offers as well as the payment codes for making a payment online.



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What You Should Know About Today’s Mobile Security


Mobile Security Apps are the latest technology to protect your phone from thieves; along with using your smartphone as an alarm in an emergency situation. Using your speaker on your phone, you shake your phone, and a signal is sounded, and all your listed contacts on your phone are notified immediately.

Mobile Security 101

Some of the security applications are available at no charge on your smartphone. Security apps are a smart combination of a security alarm, tracking device, and alert notifications that take advantage of your smartphone’s hardware.

Your speaker on your smartphone acts as an alarm. Your GPS services on your phone act as your tracker. Your video camera function on your smartphone records the criminal action. Your data connection communicates the alert. To activate these activities on your phone, you shake the phone.


These apps are usually downloaded free of charge. Most service plans start around $5.99 a month. Most service plans include unlimited video and alerts. There many security mobile phones apps, including PanicGuard.

Setting Up

After downloading your security software, your application has to be set up. All your emergency contacts should be defined, using emergency contacts close to you, like in the same general area. When your alert is sounded, your location is provided by way of a map image. At that point, text or email is sent to your emergency contacts.

In most of these security apps, it is active once the security app has been turned on. If you are leaving home, GPS is not on automatically, so your app and phone have to be turned on. Your mobile security app is not on until you have logged in with your username and password.

Stolen Or Lost Phone

Most security applications will track your phone is it is lost or stolen. This feature utilizes your smartphone’s hardware using your GPS and your data connection.

Wireless Devices’ Impact On Home And Work

Smartphones are the way employees and business communicate, whether at work or home. These smartphones also bring risks that come with the misuse of this technology. Smartphones are also our information sources, replacing phone books, address book, and other hard copy storage of our personal and business data.

Smartphones are the most popular for attacks. By exploiting the weak engineering of collecting communications such as SMS(text message), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This type of transmission of communication is the universal standard for mobile communication around the world.

With attackers, they are usually three prime targets they use. Attackers will use data on your smartphone to collect data such as credit card numbers and any other confidential information the user has on the phone.

Smartphones are associated readily with the user. All smartphones can transmit data related to the user making it easy for the attacker to steal the smartphone’s owner identification to commit cyber-crimes using the smartphone user’s identity.


Smartphones have made our personal life and businesses’ life more manageable. However, these modern devices also host a world of new issues that before the advent of wireless technology we did know existed. In essence, in today’s modern world it is better to be safe than sorry.


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Perks of downloading YouTube Videos


YouTube is an amazing platform to watch videos in your free time. It has come far away from what a conventional television provides us. No wonder that today, the recent and advanced television are coming equipped with such technologies that we can even watch YouTube right in our television. Apart from this, today we even have options of downloading videos from YouTube. To know how to do it, check out

Now, you may think that when you can watch videos directly from YouTube, why you need to download them. Well, here we are with the reasons that can convince you that why downloading YouTube Videos have its own perks.

  1. When you watch videos on YouTube, you need a strong internet connection, and if you are watching it in a week network connection, the videos will keep crashing and you won’t be able to enjoy it fully then you are supposed. So, when you download it, you can watch it later even staying offline. No buffering, no crashing, and only good quality videos. But make sure that when you are downloading videos, you are in the area that has a good Wi-Fi connection to avoid any issues with the downloading of broken video or others issues.

  1. You are travelling somewhere and have nothing to do and you are getting bored and you can’t even go online. At this crisis of entertainment, you can watch your downloaded videos again and get entertained because something is better than nothing. Such moments will definitely make you realize that why downloading videos can be a boon.

  1. Often times, we like a video to such an extent that we keep on repeating them, but when you are watching it online, you waste your data pack or money. But when you download the video, you can watch it on a repeat mode without wasting your data pack further and without paying any further chance.

  1. YouTube has many tutorial channels from where you can learn things. Learning takes time and watching a tutorial every time will again cost you either money or data. Having them downloaded can help you keep a track of learning and you can watch them over and over to learn things and mastering it.

These are a few of perks that one can avail while downloading videos from YouTube. There are plenty of tools or downloaders available that can help you download videos directly from YouTube.

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A best audio interface is required to produce music


However, the bass is less noticeable because they don’t move as much air. Headphones will only need to send the sound waves a few millimetres so your eardrums Therefore the headphone components are much smaller and often more precise than the speaker components. Modern-day headphones can be both wired or wireless. The output is much lower when compared to the standalone speakers; the close proximity of headphones to your ears can make the volume sound very loud. You should pick out the audio interface from the best audio interfaces of 2018.

Standalone speakers:

The digital headphones will also include a digital-to-analog converter, or DAC, to produce the analogue output. The headphones function in the same way like the standalone speakers but the output is significantly different. The speakers must generate enough amplitude for the sound to be audible from a far distance. The biggest difference between loudspeakers and headphones is only the size. A loudspeaker needs to set all the air moving in a room so that you can hear the sound it is making. But the speaker in a headphone will only move the volume of air inside your ear canal.

Image result for best audio interface

Wired or wireless:

You can privately listen to audio without disturbing anyone in the surrounding. They are plug-and-play devices at which do not require any sort of installation to use them. Headphones are a hardware device that can be plugged into a computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player another device.  Headphones are a pair of small speakers which are used for listening to sound from a computer, music player or any such electronic device. Headphones will originally consist of one speaker for each ear, connected by a band over the head. While this style is still in use, modern headphones are also available in a much smaller format which can be inserted into the ear, and are commonly called as ear buds.

Open-back headphones:

Large headphones are just essentially the two loudspeakers mounted on a strap that will clamp firmly over your head. Many people will find that open-back headphones sound better but much of the noise will leak into the room around you to annoy other people. While the ambient noise from the room can easily penetrate open-back headphones and annoy you too. If you will observe closely, you wish speaker enclosures which usually have openings at the front or the back so that air can move more freely in and out of them to generate decent sound.


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