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What is immunotherapy? How can it help to fight cancer?


Immunotherapy is that kind of cancer treatment which assists the immunity system to fight out cancer. The immune system helps the body to fight infectious diseases and infections as well. It is constituted of WBC or White Blood Cells or tissues of lymph system. Immune therapy, on the other hand, is the kind of biological therapy made from the living organisms or substances to cure cancer. There are various kinds of immune therapy used for the treatment of cancer. Such treatment may assist the immunity system to attack the cancer cells directly or indirectly. Various kinds of therapies can be used to kill the cancer cells.

The various kinds of Immunotherapy

There are various kinds of immune therapies to act against the cancer cells directly. Some of them are stated below:

  • Checkpoint inhibitor is the first and foremost line of defense against cancer. They are such drugs that help the immunity system to respond more powerfully to tumor. You can say that they do not directly attack the cancer cells but they interfere with the ability of cancer cells to avoid attack from immune system.
  • With Adoptive Cell Transfer, the natural ability of the T Cells to combat the deadly disease gets a boost. It takes nearly 4-8 weeks to grow the T Cells in the lab. But, during this time period, radiation therapy and chemotherapy is used to invade the cancer cells. Then, after the T Cells grow in the lab, they are injected through a needle.
  • Monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic antibodies are the immune system proteins again reared in the lab. Such antibodies can attack certain kinds of cancer cells. Certain monoclonial antibodies can mark the cancer cells such that they are better seen or destroyed by the immune system.
  • Treatment vaccines that tend to boost the ability of immunity system to fight the cancer cells.

Some of the kinds of immune therapies that enhance immune response of the body to fight against cancer cells are Cytokines and BCG whereby Cytokines are the proteins made by the body cells. They help in the normal functioning of the immune system. The two kinds of Cytokines for the treatment of cancer are interleukins and interferons.

Who should get immunotherapy?

Not everyone can get immune therapy. But, it is an effective lung cancer treatment. Its use is however not as common as chemotherapy, surgery and radio therapy. It can cure various types of cancer. What kind of immune therapy is recommended for you needs to be known from the cancer specialist. They act against the cancer cells that remain hidden from the immunity system. Thus, the therapy is helpful as it marks those cancer cells that are destroyed finally by the immunity system.

Are there any side effect?

Immune therapy does have side effects. People are affected by the side effects in varied ways. It all depends on your health conditions, the kind of cancer you have and the amount of dose administered. Any overdose or over usage can lead to side effects. Some of the common side effects are swelling, pain in the body, skin redness, itchiness, skin rashes and soreness.

For osteoarthritis treatment, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and injections. At the doctor’s office, you may be injected. Immune therapy may also be administered at the doctor’s office.

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CoolSculpting Procedure And Risks You Should Know About


We are all dreaming about that quick and nonsurgical procedure that can make us lean without having to work out at all. The closest thing we have to that today is called the CoolSculpting treatment, which you might not have heard about.

If you are interested in the procedure, you can always do your research or visit You should make sure you know everything about the procedure before you decide to actually have it.

What is the Coolscupting treatment?

This is an FDA approved a procedure that is also known as fat freezing because that is exactly what it does. It uses a device that sucks in the area of your choice and freezes the fat under the skin, through treatments that last from 30 minutes to an hour. After the area is frozen, you will be massaged manually or with radio waves to break down the fat tissues, which will naturally disappear.

There are many areas with stubborn fat that just will not go away with exercise and diet

The results

Usually, the first thing that people wonder about is when will they be able to see the results of the procedure, and this will take you from a month to maybe three if needed. After about 6 months after the procedure, you will see about 25% of the area getting shrunk. However, there are some risks that come along with this procedure, and you definitely need to know about them.

What are the risks?

One of the researches that were recently published, has explained the possible risks when it comes to this treatment. For example, PAH will appear about 1 in 140 people, which is a much higher percentage than what the doctors have given in the past.

The studies tried to measure the rates of PAH depending on the treatment cycle as well as the individual spot that is being treated on our body. However, those numbers have not revealed any risks of the complication on the per-patient level, since patients usually get more than just one spot on their body treated at once.

For example, if a patient who had 5 different spots treated gets PAH on one of the spots, that is measured as 1/5. However, when it comes to the things that people actually care about, the fact is that the patient will have a large swelling, and the patients usually do not care that it is on 1 spot out of 5.

Make sure you know the risks of every procedure before you opt for it

Nobody is really sure why PAH even happens or who will get it. PAH will appear when the fat cells get triggered to grow, and that might be caused because the cold is creating an inflammation. While for most patients this will cause their fat cells to go away, there are some people whose fat cells will respond completely differently.

Do your research

Just like with other surgeries, procedures and treatments, it is important that you know all about the procedure before you actually have it. if you are interested, you should check out the coolsculpting Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne and if you have any questions you can contact their customer support, or just talk to your local clinic instead.

Final word

Whenever you are considering a medical procedure, you should always discuss the possible risks and complications with your surgeon. It is important that you know what are you getting into, just so you have no surprises because complications can happen with any treatment, procedure, and surgery. Always stay informed, and keep your wishes realistic.

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Decoding Doctors: Physician Types and Specialties


Doctors play a vital role in our well being and quality of life. They are professionals we hope to not see, but when we need them we’re forever grateful they’re around. 

Working with a doctor takes a great level of trust. The first step to choosing a new doctor is knowing what type of doctor is best suited to address your specific medical needs. Some conditions may even require the expertise of a doctor that is specialized in their particular practice.

With so many types of doctors available today, it can be difficult to know which one you need, especially if you only have a list of covered network doctors to choose from. Use the list below as a reference guide as you search for a new physician:

General Practitioner

General practitioner is a bit of an ambiguous term. It means that the doctor provides primary health care for people of all ages. These type of doctor doesn’t have a specialty. They can do general diagnosis and routine care. If a condition requires a specialist the general practitioner can make a referral, which is needed with HMO healthcare plans. 


Anyone who suffers from arthritis will need to see a reumatologist. This type of doctor specializes in musculoskeletal disorders as well as autoimmune conditions that affect the muscles, joints and bones.


Over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 3 people will develop cancer. It’s a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear, and the news will likely come from an oncologist. These physicians provide cancer treatment, but often they are highly specialized. You’ll commonly find oncologists that specialize in one type of cancer or a group of related cancers. 


All heart-related conditions are referred to a cardiologist. Cardiologists diagnose and treat heart conditions. They also specialize in circulatory system disorders. Because heart disease is so prevalent, some people choose to visit a cardiologist simply to check on their heart health and better understand their risk factors.


A gynecologist only works within the female reproductive system. Often they are a woman’s primary care physician that provides annual checkups and a basic physical. A gynecologist is also consulted if a woman is experiencing infertility or contracts a sexually transmitted disease. As a woman ages, she will see a gynecologist for routine pap smears and mammograms in order to detect cancer. 


Gynecologists and obstetricians are often confused for good reason. Many doctors are OB/GYNs, which means they are both gynecologists and obstetricians. However, there is a distinct difference between the two practices. An obstetrician specializes in reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth. 


Skin conditions are treated by a dermatologist. The conditions can range from acne to skin cancer. They also provide a number of cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels, Botox injections, and dermal filler injections. 


A podiatrist is a physician that diagnoses and treatments medical conditions found in the feet, ankles and lower extremities. This type of doctor can be a physician, surgeon or both. 


When a person needs to be sedated for surgery (general anesthesia) or a specific region of the body needs to be numbed for treatment (regional anesthesia) they will depend on the expertise of an anesthesiologist. Often an anesthesiologist will work within a specialized field such as pediatrics or cardiac anesthesia. 


Immunologists, also known as allergists, help in identifying allergies and treating the symptoms. They also treat other immune system diseases and asthma. 


Pediatricians solely care for children. They can be a general practitioner or a specialist. Some pediatricians specialize in adolescent medicine meaning that they treat teenagers rather than young children.


Those who require the use of contact lenses or glasses regularly see an ophthalmologist. This type of doctor specializes in caring for the eyes and helping to correct impaired vision.


Urologists have two areas of focus: treating conditions within the urinary system and within the male reproductive system. They perform a wide range of services from surgery to prescribing medications for erectile dysfunction. 


Injuries and conditions of the brain, spine and nervous system are treated by neurologists. They are highly specialized physicians that use testing such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT scans to determine if there are medical conditions and the best way to address them. 

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Convenience and Easy of Shopping at Canadian Pharmacy Online



Why do you wish to purchase medicine from a Canadian Pharmacy Online ? Have you ever given the question a thought? Most people would consider purchasing medicine from the online pharmacy store a risky venture. They may be skeptical for purchasing medicines from online pharmacy store, due to various reasons. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that buying medicine from an online pharmacy store has several benefits linked to it. The most common benefit has been convenience of shopping from your home.

Convenience of shopping for medicines online

It has to be the most common benefit offered by the online medicine buying needs. For people, who would be leading busy lifestyles would not have adequate time for visiting the local pharmacy. As a result, the online pharmacy store has been deemed of great help to such people. Same could be said for people who would be finding it difficult to travel all the way up to the pharmacy store located far away from them. Rather than wasting time, money and gas on their travelling, it would be in their best interest to look for online medicine purchasing prospect. It would certainly suit the elderly and infirm people who would find it difficult to travel independently.

You would be able to order prescription medicine from the comfort of your home. It certainly would be a better option, as compared to the alternative of purchasing from brick and mortar pharmacy store. Moreover, you would not be required to stand in queues and worry about the entire process being a waste of time due to the clerical issues. The times have been long gone with the assistance of the internet technology. Imagine travelling to the nearest shopping mall or pharmacy store, only to find that you misplaced the prescription for medicine. It would definitely not be a pleasant experience.

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Methadone Addiction: Private drug Treatment Centers Can be of Help


Canada is plagued with several addiction problems and heroine is one of the drugs on the topmost part of the list. To overcome this problem, addiction centers administer methadone to suppress the effect of the drug.

Methadone is a good imitation of heroin because it mimics the mechanism of heroine to effect good results. But only professional hands can successfully administer methadone without wreaking havoc. The general outcome of inefficiently administered methadone treatment is that the patient experiences withdrawal symptoms from the effect of the mother drug, heroin.

But let’s forget heroin for a while, place your focus on methadone. As many people are admitted for heroin addiction, you will find methadone addicts as well. While the number may be minimal, they are in existence. The acceptable method of administering methadone is in controlled and monitored environments. People who deviate from this norm fall into the trap of addiction because of lack of direction.

Subsequent abuse of methadone results in addiction which deserves an iota of attention with immediate effect. The safest and fastest means of seeking care is to get help from registered treatment centers nearest to you.

It is a funny twist when the intention to cure heroin addiction results in an insurmountable inclination towards methadone, which is the treatment drug itself. It is not considered a general evil because it is possible to be rid of both addictions if adequate care is considered. But when opiate addiction is found in the combination of methadone and heroin addiction in one body, this is a major red flag.

This dual addiction deserves full attention. Private addiction treatment centers offer care combined with counseling as a total package.

Image result for Methadone Addiction: Private drug Treatment Centers Can be of Help

A perfect example of centers that pay full attention to their patients is private drug treatment centers. Methadone is naturally an opiate that offers the cure but since it is the point of focus, another natural detox is sought. The first step in the stage is to cut off the ingestion of methadone – detoxification. This way, the body can cleanse and purify the bloodstream enough to be rid of opiate impurities.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with methadone addiction can be daunting and uncomfortable, but experts in treatment centers can reduce such symptoms to accommodate the recovery process.

The next step is the counseling stage. This stage involves series of group therapies which are organized to give the addicts a better understanding of the evils of the drug. The trick in this stage is to alter the psyche of the patient to see methadone as a remedial drug, rather than abusive. Also, the significance of counseling sessions is that addicts can hear the views of recovering or recovered addicts. Generally, this serves as an anchor to the patient that they can also break the chains of addiction as the rest.

The last stage in the addiction treatment involves the aftercare program. Most addicts are urged to embrace this step because it reduces the possibility of a relapse. As a 12-step package, the aftercare program has counseling sessions, guidance packages, and general information about living through the recovery phase. If this isn’t enough motivation, then what is?


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The length of CoolSculpting Process: Relative Questions and Answers


If your adipose tissues are crying for help, this article is definitely what you should have on your screen right now. While a combination of exercise and diet can trim you down to a limited extent, there are other routine procedures that can get you in shape. For some people, just a few squats will help them lose some flesh. Others have to strive harder to gain their desired appearance. Truly, not everyone is willing to do so much hard work in weeks before getting in shape. If you belong to this group, then you should seek new ways to be in shape soon enough.

The world has gone beyond non-invasive methods of losing weight. With CoolSculpting, you don’t have to get incisions before you lose all the fat tucked around or waistline or wherever else.

The technique of CoolSculpting is to crystallize fat cells that are in the subcutaneous region. By crystallization, these cells are ejected from the system during metabolic processes. In this treatment, a handpiece works on the surface area under concern. However, the size of the area determines the size of the handpiece as well. For instance, fat located in the armpit and the jawline undergo treatments using CoolSculptingMini.

Image result for The length of CoolSculpting Process: Relative Questions and Answers

There are a couple of concerns when it comes to CoolSculpting. Presently, it is fast becoming the biggest shot in the world of cosmetics. In fact, it has overtaken cosmetic surgeries in that it is topping the charts for the most searched ‘fat reduction procedure’. Many people do not understand why this is so. The purpose of this article is to give answers to many ‘unanswered’ questions about the innovation.

After treatment, how much longer will it take to see visible results?

Crystallization of fat cells kills them immediately. However, the result doesn’t show until the body begins to expel these dead cells gradually. Afterward, the desired result is seen. From research, you should see visible results in about three weeks to a month. For acute treatments in people with excess fat, the treatment may become apparent in six months.

How will I feel after treatment?

The name ‘CoolSculpting’ suggests cold and freezing condition. Thus, the patient is bound to experience a surge of cold and pressure – a combination that may be intense. But when the area becomes numb, the effect dissipates almost immediately. In fact, most patients can do other recreational activities whilst undergoing treatment. Such activities can vary from reading books, watching movies, sleeping, and playing games. This shows that the process is non-invasive and non-surgical.

What events may happen during treatment?

Like any procedure, the CoolSculpting professional is supposed to make an evaluation of your list of cosmetic goals. This is a guide to crafting a treatment plan which shows to a great extent, what the expectations from the treatment area. As the first step, the device scopes the target area to undergo treatment. As the device consists of two cooling panels, these panels suck fat into a special compartment in the device. This will generally induce some pressure and pull around the area. In most cases, this process should not exceed an hour.

Be reminded that CoolSculpting doesn’t treat obesity. Your best bets with this process are to contour the body and remove fats from the adipose tissues. Also, suitable candidates for this treatment do not have excess fat that will require acute weight loss, and they are generally healthy. In Canada, there are reliable clinics where these treatments can be administered.


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Addiction Centers – Best Place to Beat Addiction


Most addicts have strained relationships with loved ones and co-workers. An addiction center should not only take you through recovery but also offer other life skills. In addition to relapse prevention programs, they often provide job and relationship skills to help you get back on good terms with loved ones.

According to World Population Review, Toronto is home to an estimated 2.8 million citizens. The high number of people in Canada’s largest city has contributed to a faster drug acquisition rate, leading to substance abuse and drug addiction.

A good addiction center will have the best and most practical approaches to working with individuals. An addict might feel threatened, ashamed and judged. This might lead to resentment, which reduces the chances that addicts will seek out help.

A great addiction center should make an individual seeking treatment feel wanted and worthy.  They may include the following approaches:

Image result for Addiction Centers - Best Place to Beat Addiction

  • One-on-one counseling– A client focused approach is employed. This means that a therapist sits with a single individual, learns his/her weaknesses and they work out a recovery plan together.
  • Group counseling– This is where more than one client is attended to at the same time. Clients can be grouped in terms of their challenges or stage of treatment.
  • Mentor talks-This involves discussions with people who have either been addicts or lived with addicts. They offer practical advice and suggestions on how to beat the habit.
  • Family counselling sessions– An addiction center may also involve the addict’s family and find ways to work together to support the individual. The family is encouraged to look out for emotional stress and other signs of relapse; with this knowledge, they are able to remind their loved ones of the benefits of staying clean.

According to Drug Rehab California, there are over 80 drug rehab centers in Toronto. These include inpatient and outpatient alcohol, drug, and detox centers.  A few questions asked during the intake process will help you make the right choice about which program you want to attend.

All addiction centers are charged with strengthening their clients’ commitment to reform. Through various programs like education, therapy sessions, and physical fitness,, the centers are able to monitor, review, and meet  the recovery needs of their clients.

Drug addiction enslaves one to substance use, leading people to not be able to perform normal duties without being under the influence. This paralyzes the emotional, mental and physical well-being of an individual. Proper treatment will help addicts overcome addiction, restore broken relationships, and improve their quality of life..

Addiction centers in Toronto have emerged to address the issue of drug addiction. They provide specialized care and rehabilitation options for addicts admitted to their center and those who are treated on an outpatient basis. With the experience and approach that these centers bring, addicts are able to get better treatment and have a smoother and more comfortable experience while battling addiction.


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When Should You Get All on-4 Dental Implants


Each and every patient who visits the dentist has their own unique set of issues that will need a checkup and a custom dental plan. No two patients will have the same set of plans. Otherwise, one wrong analysis of the patient’s oral health and they can become victims of immense pain and health diseases.

The all on-4 dental implants have taken the dental industry by storm with the introduction of its concept. The all on-4 dental implants are bridges that are often supported 4 to 6 dental implants. These implants are made of materials like acrylic, titanium, or monolithic zirconia.

They are often a much affordable option for the majority of the patients and many dentists tend to recommend it as one of the best treatments for their patients. In fact, the method has become so popular that a majority of the patients often tend to request their dentists for the all on-4 implants.

However, like every other procedure, this procedure will not necessarily fit every single patient that comes through the door. The dentist will have to evaluate the eligibility of the patient getting the all on-4 dental implants on many factors.

Image result for When Should You Get All on-4 Dental Implants


During the all on-4 implants, the bone and soft tissue of the mouth has to be adjusted in order to fit in the dental implants the way they should be. This can have an impact on how the patient pronounces the alphabets “D” “T” N” and “S”. The patients will need to be told of this change that would occur later on and be needed to give consent that they are alright with this issue. Later, they might even have to retrain their tongue to work around their new teeth.

Adapting to the bridge bulk

Another problem of the bridge bulk that the all on-4 dental implants produce is that the patients might find it a little difficult to adapt to the fake soft tissue located after the original soft tissue. The patient will need time and effort to adjust to this sudden change in their mouth which many of them may find impossible to do. The patient will have to be told of this problem and they will need to think on this and then agree because one the procedure is done it cannot be reversed.


The value of the impact of this change is often overlooked in a lot of treatment discussions. The periodontal mechanoreceptors are present in the periodontal ligaments that make the teeth extremely vulnerable to the low forces. The all on-4 dental implants do not have the periodontal ligaments and the patient will have to apply 10 times more of a force to accept to the same proprioception in the form of the tooth. This sort of proprioception is linked to the feeling of local anaesthesia. Due to this and lack of feedback, the patients will produce unrestrained biting tendencies.

This is why the patient and the dentist will need to have an in-depth talk about the fixtures of the all on-4 dental implants as not only does the patient get physically affected, but mentally as well.

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A Medical Laser Machine


The healthcare sector is one of the most important sectors around the world. It is also one of the industries where it is perhaps more imperative that processes, procedures, and specialties should run smoothly from the beginning to the end. The application of medical laser machine technology has made it possible for this industry to thrive and most of its operations, procedures, and specialties to run smoothly during their practices. An improving complex understanding of the biophysics of the interaction between human tissue and the laser has led to more utilization of the technology in the medical sector as well as the aesthetic sector. The laser light is monochromatic, bright and is unidirectional hence its wavelength and heat emission can be easily controlled. Several laser processes help bring life-changing devices to the masses. These laser processes include:

  • Laser cutting
  • Laser marking
  • Laser welding
  • Laser engraving

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the most often utilized application of medical laser machine technology. The process is used for the creation of myriad medical devices. These devices are extremely small and would furthermore be used to improve on the health sector. Laser cutting is also used for laser surgery. There are different types of lasers based on their levels of wavelength they emit, their ability to clot, cut or vaporize body tissue. The most common lasers used to carry out laser surgery include the pulsed-dye laser, the YAG laser, the carbon dioxide laser, the argon laser, the excimer laser, the KTP laser, and the diode laser.

Image result for A Medical Laser Machine

Laser surgery has been found by doctors, scientist and researchers to be the best way of carrying a surgery compared to using a scalpel. The medical laser machine can be used on the human skin and other tissues. It makes precise cuts, quickly and easily with same depth levels in the involved tissue. The medical laser machine makes a cut through the tissue without damaging it. The energy that a laser beam emits is also controlled hence the depth of the cut can be easily controlled. Laser surgery is also advantageous because it makes bloodless cuts hence makes it easy for surgeons to see clearly what they are undertaking. Laser surgery of skin conditions has been revealed to have many psychological benefits. The laser beam may also be reflected, spread or even absorbed at each layer of the human tissues or cells. During tissue cutting, the beam passes through the tissues without leaving any side effect hence it is a safe method to use to conduct surgical procedures. The beam also passes through human skin without scattering away as the skin lacks structures such as molecules organelles or even large tissues. This enables the laser beam to reach the inner tissues of the human body.

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The Best Crowdfunding Website in India


Crowdfunding is in no way a new concept, not even in India. The idea has been around for ages! 1962 marks the first (and the biggest) crowdfunding Indian campaign that ever took place. The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, brought together thousands of men and women who contributed all the money and gold they could, to sustain the inevitable war against China. It is believed that he managed to collect over $220,000 in cash and more in gold.

When crowdfunding moved to the online space a few years ago in the West, it was picked up by the public quickly and soon, it became a trend to crowdfund for a crazy whimsical idea or activity (remember Zack Danger Brown’s potato salad campaign?). Other campaigns in the west are usually created to fundraise for an innovative invention that the public goes mad over (like the campaign on Indiegogo for wireless earphones).

India’s crowdfunding scene is a world apart. Most of the crowdfunding space on Indian platforms focuses on causes than relate to philanthropy rather than a quirky idea or innovation that has the potential to go viral on the world wide web. Crowdfunding in India is usually limited to more serious causes like eradicating poverty, bettering quality of education, preventing malnutrition among underprivileged children, affording medical treatments, providing shelter and food to street animals and the like.

Crowdfunding in India and other countries is a simple enough process and for the most part, similar between all platforms: in three simple steps, a campaigner can create a fundraiser. In the following steps, campaigners include a well-written story that contains all details of their project, provide visual aid in the form of images and video content to prove their authenticity and in a few clicks, they share the campaign incessantly on social media with their contacts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, emailers, and so on to create and constantly widen a network of supporters and donors.

As more of the public continues to educate itself on the concept of crowdfunding in India and how it works, the number of campaigners and donors continues to shoot up, and so do the funds raised on Indian crowdfunding platforms. Recently, more of today’s youth has started turning to crowdfunding, often for their creative pursuits and other times simply to raise awareness and funds for a cause they care deeply about.

If you’re contemplating starting a fundraiser and are new to the concept, take a moment to look at a few fundraising tips that Impact Guru has listed on their website to learn how to start writing your story and for tricks on managing your first fundraiser.

To understand what kind of stories convinces readers to push the donate button, campaigners are advised to turn to existing crowdfunding Indian campaigners that made a hit of their fundraisers and sift through their stories to see what works and what doesn’t.

Few of the most accomplished platforms for crowdfunding in India include Ketto, Milaap, BitGiving, Wishberry, GiveIndia and Impact Guru. Ketto, launched in 2012, has supported every cause under the roof through their fundraising journeys, raising 100 crores since its inception. It is a cost-effective choice and has a fairly transparent process. Recently, Ketto has partnered with BookMyShow to launch “BookaSmile”, an initiative to encourage NGOs to raise funds for their causes. Milaap, launched in 2010, has seen campaigners raise over 200 crore rupees on their platform and is popular for its many successful medical crowdfunding campaigns and chooses not to support a large variety of causes. BitGiving, launched in 2013, is stringent in its “all or nothing” policy where campaigners are not permitted to keep the funds they’ve raised unless the total matches the goal amount. However, BitGiving has managed to create happy endings for many fundraisers on its website. GiveIndia gives donors a platform to choose the NGO of a cause they relate to and ensures the donation reaches where it is promised.

Wishberry is the singular crowdfunding platform in India, launched in 2011, that specializes in creative causes of all kinds, including musical endeavours, documentaries and films and other artistic projects. The crowdfunding website has raised over 10 crore rupees since its inception, aiding artists, musicians and filmmakers around the country pursue their passion.

Impact Guru is a crowdfunding Indian platform that has raised the highest amount of funds in the country at a whopping 329 crore rupees. Incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab in 2014, this Indian crowdfunding website charges one of the lowest fees in the country. While Impact Guru has commendable experience aiding campaigners in fundraising for non-profit ventures and medical treatments for anyone who cannot afford it, the website supports all causes and projects, including creative endeavours. One of Impact Guru’s most attractive offerings is that the website has a tie-up with the UK crowdfunding platform Global Giving to offer US and UK donors tax benefits.

One can create a fundraiser in three simple steps after choosing a cause on the website and the platform provides space for the campaigner’s story, documents, images, videos and more. Impact Guru’s crowdfunding platform also allows a supporter, perhaps a friend or family member or anyone interested in the campaigner’s cause, to create a support fundraiser. The money these support fundraisers collect will be pooled with the main fundraiser collection. Impact Guru also lets a campaigner post updates as frequently as they see fit, to keep their donors in the know and share the progress of their project. Crowdfunding on this platform is fairly simple for first time campaigners as well – the support team behind the website is solid, and consists of compassionate, understanding individuals who have experience guiding campaigners through their fundraising journeys.

Fundraising on Impact Guru entails no pressure for campaigners. This is another attractive offering – fundraising with ease. The crowdfunding website does not follow the “all or nothing” policy that few other platforms do and lets you keep the funds you’ve managed to raise, despite your chosen goal amount. Though a deadline will have to be decided by the campaigners before the launch of the fundraiser, the process of stretching this deadline is a simple one, and so is the one for increasing the determined goal amount.

As for the question of the best crowdfunding Indian platform, it’s not one that can be answered, or should be. Crowdfunding is an innovation meant to encourage the act of giving by making it convenient, easy, affordable and transparent. The concept is meant to bring people together (as it visibly has); whether that’s donors and campaigners, rich and poor, privileged and underprivileged, and strives to bridge the gaps. There is no competition amongst crowdfunding platforms, but rather a singular focused goal – the progress of every community, betterment of every society and the happiness and uplift of every individual in need.

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