Reekado Banks: The Singer Who Came To the Spotlight with His Upbeat and Eye-Catching Videos


Since bursting onto the music scene in 2014 as part of the music trio (Korede Bello, Di’Ja and himself) signed to Mavin Records by Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks has made himself a very hard-to-hate act. For more music, go on to, search for wizkid album download to enjoy the hit album at no cost!

How It All Started

22-year old Reekado Banks, real name AyoleyiHanniel Solomon, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer, and songwriter. With close to 3 million followers on Instagram today, his record deal with Mavin Records came as a result of his brother submitting some of his songs to the label in an online talent search where he was selected from a pool of over 5000 aspirants. Prior to his record deal with the Mavin Records, Banks went by the stage name Spicy.

Building a Name for Himself

When Reekado Banks first came on the scene in 2014, it didn’t take long for him to find his niche. The world was first introduced to Banks potential with his catchy chorus on Mavin Record’s “Dorobucci”. 

Banks have kept that same energy ever since and cemented his position in the industry with the release of his debut project Spotlight, which was a potpourri of different music forms all combining to create an energetic composition. Released on 1 September 2016, it debuted at number 10 on the Billboard world album music chart. The title alludes to the fame which his music has brought to his doorstep. The album had 18 new songs, plus ‘Katapot’, ‘Oluwani’, and ‘Standard’ released singles.

The Rising and Shining Nigerian Star

The 2017 winner of Next Rated act at the Headies awards has progressed considerably, becoming a Nigerian star and proved with this album, a taut sense of artistry. His album presents a foray into different genres and while he performed better on some than others, none dipped to a level, below average. 

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Spotlight’s musical content, a mixture of different forms and composition was decent enough, production is top-notch but the arrangement left much to be desired; probably something to note for the next album which we are looking forward to. All in all, it was a commendable effort from the Katapot crooner.

Reekado Banks’ most recent album called Pull Up was released with Mavin Records. The latest record was his first for the year, 2018. Like his previous records, a lot is expected from this new one.  Among the 5 awards that he has won, four of them were the Headies awards which appreciate the Nigerian Music Industry and the people who have made a name there. Search for do like that koredebello mp3 free download, another Nigerian hit you would love to grove on to!

Story So Far

With a strong campaign in the year so far, Banks has made a name and fan following for himself. Featuring Tiwa Savage, Like was released in the late 2017 and it was a sudden hit.Tiwa Savage also featured in Reekado Banks’ premiered single “Turn It Up” on 21 February 2014, which happens to be the same day he got signed to Mavin Records; the song and was released as his first official single under Mavin Records. 

I guess now we can all agree that Don Jazzy was right when he said that ‘the world has only seen a bit of what he saw in (Reekado Banks)’. And that Mavin Records superstar, Reekado Banks has definitely found his style! He’s giving us serious bangers at the moment. 

You can download it from here- Ladies and Gentlemen song byReekado Banks.


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Does Your Family Spend Enough Time Together?


How much time would you say your family has together?

No, this is more than an occasional dinner together or running off to an appointment together.

Quality family time spent together can go a long way in keeping a family healthy and happy.

With that in mind, does your family spend enough time together?

Children Gain from Family Time Together

While there are benefits to spending quality time together, one of the big ones is how it can impact kids.

Your children can reap the rewards of time spent together. On the flip side, not enough time together could cause some issues.

One such issue is your children do not get the best grades possible in school.

When a child has a strong support system at home, he or she tends to do better in all aspects of life. One of those aspects of course is in the classroom.

Among some of the things that can disrupt good grades would include:

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  1. No focus – Is your child one to get distracted with ease? If so, it can make it hard to get the grades he or she will need to get into college one day. When they do have the proper focus, it is much easier for them to get good grades. That makes it easier to have one foot in the door of the college of their choice.
  2. Too many distractions – Distractions can also get in the way of your child excelling in class. An example of this would be if you and your spouse are going through a divorce. Although divorces happen to many families, some are easier to handle than others. Although your happiness is of importance, do all you can to lessen the impact a divorce will have on your kids. If you don’t, how they do in and out of school can see an impact. Give your child an advantage in and out of the classroom by allowing them to hone in on their studies and more.
  3. Feeling a lack of support – How supportive are you of your children’s schooling and other things they are in? Unfortunately, some parents get wrapped up in work and other things. As such, they don’t spend enough quality time with their children. When this happens, the latter can suffer as a result. Make sure your children know you have their back at all times.

Making Memories Together as a Family

Along with all the positives that come out of time together, think about all the great memories you can make.

For instance, taking a summer or holiday trip together can be something you talk about for years to come.

You might also think about organizing a big family reunion at some point.

Such reunions become even more important as family members get up there in age. Before long, some members may not be able to travel as much or at all due to health concerns. Take it upon yourself to bring up the idea of a reunion. Before you know it, others may well jump on board with the notion.

By spending quality time together as a family, you and your loved ones can reap the rewards time and time again.


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Dive with The Big Fish in Secluded Belongas Bay, South Lombok


On the south western coast of Lombok Island, beyond Sekotong Bay and about 2 hours drive west from Lombok’s Kuta area lies Belongas Bay Lombok facing the Indian Ocean. This is another exciting pristine diving destination that offers the opportunity to meet some of the big fish in the Indonesian seas. The star in these waters is the fascinating Hamerhead Shark.

The bay itself is fairly large and is sheltered and scenic with long sweeping white sand beaches and rolling green hills.  But pass the narrow mouth around the tiny Gili Wayang Island where the dive sites are, the sea gets rougher with a strong surge. Therefore, this is the place to be for the relatively larger marine life such as Tuna, White and Black tip reef Sharks, Barracudas, Eagle Rays and schooling Hammerhead Sharks. Considering the waters’ conditions, the bay may only be fit for advanced and experienced divers who are used to strong surge, up and down currents and negative buoyancy of water entries.

Currently, this area is only accessible via a pretty rough road over the hills and through numerous small villages. However, for the adventurous soul, the splendor that awaits at the bay is more than just worth the trip.

An unspoilt underwater paradise with pristine reefs, an intact environment, and impressive diving with huge marine creatures: these are what dive sites around Belongas Bay have to offer.

‘The Magnet’, is the name given to the furthest and most prominent dive site around the bay. This is the site where divers can encounter schools of hammerheads, as well as grey reef sharks and white tip sharks. Bear in mind that there is a season for hammerheads sighting: from June to early November. This pinnacle can be reached by boat in half an hour and is located in the open sea, rising up to the surface from 80m with waves crashing on top and over it creating a big surge that can be felt down at 15 meters. Divers need to enter the water negatively buoyant so they can go down fast to 20-25 meters where the spectacle starts. Tuna, Barracuda, schools of Mackerel swirling around, and a lot of White and Black tip reef Sharks will certainly create an awesome spectacle. It is an adrenalin rushing site only for the experienced diver.

Just a little to the east off the bay lies the tiny island of Gili Anak Ewok and also another magnificent dive site interestingly named ‘The Cathedral’. It’s the second most famous dive, and features a large pinnacle with 2 main peaks. This site is notable for the schools of eagle ray sightings and other big fish such as White, Black tip and Grey reef Sharks, Tunas, Mackerels and Barracudas. There are also a lot of sea snakes gliding around, thus it is not surprising when a diver spots as many as 15 sea snakes during a single dive.

Minimum Prerequisites for diving the “Magnet” and the “Cathedral” are an advanced certification and, from November until end April, 50 logged dives, while from May until end October, 100 logged dives. The dive center reserves the right to ask for a check certificates before diving at these sites.

Aside from the Magnet and the Cathedral there are also other dive sites around the bay that offer equally fascinating splendors. Next to big fish sightings, the Gili Sarang site by the Magnet also features incredible small creatures such as Nudibranchs, Shrimps, Scorpion fishes, Sweet lips and Surgeon fish. As the name suggests, the Boulder City in the east features a lot of big rocks that form hundreds of swim-troughs for various fish and other sea creatures.  The Coral garden in the west is sheltered from the big waves and offers a relatively easy dive. All pinnacles here are covered completely with soft colorful Corals in yellow, orange and purple. Beautiful Gorgonian fans, Whip Corals and Anemones along with the sea creatures that dwell can be found here. Wollis Pinnacle is actually the closest site to the coast, and the first one divers encounter coming out of the secluded bay. It is a large rock that rises up from the sandy bottom at 20m until 5m beneath sea level and home to Nudibranches, Frog fish and Ribbon Eels, and other sea dwellers.

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How to Overcome Exam Fear


Exams are considered to be a ‘fear factor’ amongst many students in school, colleges or even in higher education. One major reason for this fear is the fear of failure. Students of different age group can undergo ‘exam phobia,’ which reach to an apex point during the time of examination. This situation is not so easy to deal off and reduce stress, but it is quite important to overcome this situation. Overcoming this anxiety will help the students to perform well in their examination. Here are some of the important tips to follow to reduce the fear and anxiety of examination-

(i) Study Regularly– It is quite essential for students to follow up studies in a regular manner. This can help students to answer questions without any pressure. It is a well known fact that practice makes a man perfect, thus daily studying will help students to relieve stress to a great level. Various topics like Chemical Reactions, Number system, etc. needs revision in a continuous manner to remember the concepts.

(ii) Study smart and in a consistent manner- Working upon the problem is prime important, so is the importance of smart studying. Use the methods that can be helpful in studying. Few of them includes setting up time-table, creating notes, examining the preparation strategy, setting up targets etc.

The first step can be of setting up time-table and following it, which should be realistic and effective. Follow the time-table and set small achievable targets so as to improve the knowledge and understanding of the subject. It is also suggested to follow a discipline in life, avoid distractions while studying and in a good environment.


(iii) Make your notes- Notes can be really important for the students to help them prepare for their studies and during the time of their revision. Students can create their own notes in order to study and understand the concepts at the later point of time, without giving much efforts later. As some of the topics can be difficult, adding notes to them can help to regain ease of the learning process and break the difficult, complex problem into simpler ones.

(iv) Take Break and sleep well- Sleep is also a necessary part for humans. It is essential to take proper sleep of around 7 hours on an average to have good functioning and sharp working of our mind.

One must also realize that taking small breaks while studying will also help us to freshen our mind from monotonous type of work.

(v) Stay calm and positive- It can be common with students that they become anxious before the time of examination, but it must be kept in their minds that positivity is the key to success. Believe it or not, staying calm during the examination will be helpful to excel in the examination.

These were some of the important tips to follow to overcome the anxiety and fear of examination. To learn various concepts of Maths and science such as Functions, Parabola, Complex number, Reflection of light, Electricity and Magnetism visit our site BYJU’S. One can subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn the concepts in a better manner.

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Importance of cargo VPN app


Cargo VPN app enables you to start URL filtering and anti-malware settings. When you are browsing or doing any activity online, then you must surely be annoyed by the popup and advertisements that you see on the screen. The malware and other websites try to steal all your personal data and information. The cargo VPN app provides you with four different levels of protection, you can even block malicious websites, and web tracking system is very easily and efficiently with the cargo VPN app.

Torrenting and p2p file sharing is also another important feature of VPN cargo app which makes it important and efficient for the users. Cargo VPN is also a great way to hide BitTorrent user identities from the world. You can also hide your IP address from the public and enjoy the p2p file sharing with cargo VPN app. Cargo VPN has other uses also which can be tracked from.

Why cargo VPN?

The cargo VPN app allows filters URLs, malicious websites, and malware which steal your personal data. The VPN services are provided in 70 + geographical locations and the needs of VPN users are accommodated and fulfilled by the VPN cargo app. List of difficult locations has over 1000 servers. The VPN cargo app allows you to enjoy your privacy wherever you go in any of the geographical locations.

The VPN cargo app also gives you 24 hours of free testing of the service of how the servers function and what are the solutions provided by the VPN cargo app. You can test the services on 5 of your devices. The cargo VPN app also has a high level of encryption for your privacy concerns and provides you with unlimited Internet access. The Mac VPN app official download of the cargo VPN app can be done by following this link.


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‘A Teenager’s Guide for Throwing A Fun Surprise Birthday Party’


Planning a surprise birthday party for your near and dear ones can be one hell of a task! It not only requires you to plan things in advance, but also a touch of personalization for out of all the people in their life, they expect you to come up with something unique. But there are chances that you couldn’t save big on their birthday this time and thus, you’re running low on budget. But don’t you worry we’ve got you some super cool hacks to make their ‘D-Day’ special within a limited budget!

Guest list and invitations

Nobody knows better than you who to invite and who not to so make a list of all the members of their close knit circle and probably, send a fancy broadcast message on whatsapp or call them all up! Social media is your best ally on saving up the cost of expensive invitation cards.

Fixing a Venue

Organizing the bash at your friend’s place can be a risky deal for there are chances that they might figure out what you’re up to. Therefore, you can go for another close friend’s place or plan the party at your own house. Planning the party at your own place is the best option for neither do you have to worry about the expenses nor run to and fro. Moreover, you can always decorate the otherwise ordinary venue to perfection!


Since you aren’t going for an exclusive venue, you must pay special attention to the decoration. You can make the chosen venue go from drab to fab using reasonable decorating material.

  • Get yourself a pack of colorful sticky notes and pen down all your favorite memories with the birthday person. Even better if you make the other guests pen down their feelings too! Not only will it make your work simpler, it will also make your birthday person happier. Stick those sticky notes on the wall and make the simple wall look great. Sticky notes are easy to peel off and can be handed over to the birthday girl/boy.
  • Balloons never get out of trend. Decorate the room with balloons of the birthday girl/boy’s favorite colors and let the room exuberate the birthday vibes!
  • Give a final touch to the venue by putting the readily available and extremely reasonable streamers to use.

In case of the gift and cake, ‘Contribution is the key’

Teenagers generally do not have enough money to buy someone a magnificent gift. Therefore, instead of all the invitees getting the birthday person little-little gifts of their own, it’s a better idea that everyone contributes a minimum amount, and get the birthday person a cake and a gift of their liking!


Chinese food is not only reasonable but also a super hit among the teenagers. Serve noodles with a glass of soft drink to everyone, and get them beaming with happiness!

So what are you waiting for? Throw your best friends forever that much awaited party within a limited budget, using these simple hacks!

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Keeping A Close Track of Your Medical Supply & Build A Solid Business


Starting your career as a working professional is a lot easier than being a businessman. In the second case, you need to keep a track of dozens of things each of which directly affect you in a positive or negative way. One mistake and your business might get hit badly. Take the example of a medical shop. If you run a medical shop or a healthcare clinic selling medicines to people who are in dire need of them, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you never run out of medicines. Since there are hundreds of thousands of medicines in your clinic, it might sometime become a hassled task to keep a track of all of them manually.

Eradicating All Your Problems

Gone are those days when you had to manually keep a record of all the medicines bought or sold during a particular day or month. In today’s time when the technology has become so common and easily accessible, you can figure out a way to automate all your routine sales activities. In case you’re not sure how to forge ahead in this direction, give a shot to med supply software and witness results.

It’s like regular software installed in your computer which helps you keep a track of all the medicines that you have bought and sold during a specific time period. Moreover, with this software you don’t have to memorise the price of any medicine. Simply use it as a billing software and record everything once when you buy the medicines in a month. After this, whenever you sell any particular medicine, it will keep a track of that medicine itself and give you real time updates regarding the remaining quantity.

This is something that can make your everyday experience so comfortable and fun that running a healthcare clinic or medical shop will never look like a hassle to you.  Give it a shot without any further delay and have a great experience moving forward as a medical business person.

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Insider Secrets I Learnt from A Professional About Life Insurance


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your last day on earth? What scares us the most is, who will protect our family when we are no more. Supporting and protecting the family is the most significant responsibility, especially for those who bear the economic responsibility of the home on their shoulders. However, few have the resources to leave their loved ones with financial solvency that allows them to face least possible problems in the immediate future.

Creating a heritage usually takes years, but not having the conditions to leave vast fortunes does not mean either that you have nothing to do for your family. Life insurance is the most convenient and reliable way of protecting your family; even when you are not with them, However, many myths are surrounding the term “Life Insurance,” which makes us skeptical of opting for a life insurance plan.

But as said in an old saying, “When Gossip gets old, it becomes a myth.” This saying became even more believable when I learned the below-mentioned secrets about life insurance from a professional. Let’s discuss:

Should you have a life insurance policy?

Many of us see the life insurance agents as the bad guys in the movie, who try to convince you to buy their idea for seeking a personal economic benefit. Let’s be honest here, isn’t it right that what these guys tell us about profits and return, is all we need out of an investment?

On the other hand, if an insurance agent says, “If you die there would be three deaths: a husband, a father and an income,” do you think they are entirely wrong?

Maybe not, because if you are the primary provider of your family, rest assured that your partner, son or daughter, father or mother, will mourn not only your absence but also their financial crises. In short, life insurance is the only system that allows you to make a will before accumulating money.

If life gives you enough birthdays to fulfill the insured plan, you will have money for old age, and if, on the contrary, it ends earlier, your family will not be left homeless.

Reasons and Advantages of Life Insurance Plans

As I know it may not be so easy to find reasons to think you need life insurance, here are some reasons and advantages of taking life insurance:

If you are over 35 years old and you are already a married person. It does not matter whether you have children or not. Your age and marital status are already indicative that term life insurance should be a priority. You already have a life project as a couple, and this is an excellent time to plan your financial future.

If you have young children:

No matter how old you are. If you already have young children, it is time that you know that life insurance is a “product” of first necessity in your life. The issue cannot wait anymore. When someone already depends on you, no matter how old you are, that’s serious business.

If you work on your own:

If you are your employer and depend on your income, it is time to think that you can suffer an Economic Death. A Total and Permanent Disability that no longer allows you to continue working. Being your boss, you must worry about yourself. Because, as it should have been clear if you have been working on your own for some time, nobody but you is going to worry about you. Here it does not matter how old you are, if you are married or if you have children. That is the least. You depend on your work and your abilities to generate it. You must protect yourself.

If you are a single mother and the only provider of your family:

Here are two important risk factors. You already have children and depend only on your income. No matter how old you are. In a situation like this, it is URGENT that you think about protecting yourself and your children with life insurance. In addition to that you must have an integrated trust so that, in the unfortunate event that you die, the money will be delivered correctly to your children and will reach the time that you must contact them.

Forget the Myths and Buy Life Insurance at Right Time

True or false? Reality or fiction? Understanding the benefits of life insurance means reflecting on the myths that surround you.

Let’s go through some of the most common myths about life insurance so that you can clear up some doubts and buy life insurance at the right time:

If you have a similar thought, you should know that having life insurance is essential for everyone. Having life insurance can help your loved ones not pay your debts if you were to die. Planning with time will help you protect your future family from any unexpected financial crisis.

A life insurance policy is not as costly as it seems to be. It can be quite affordable to the insurer, depending on the amount of life insurance coverage you are looking for. To start with, invest in life insurance that fits your budget and then acquires an additional policy in the future as per life stage requirements.

Even though you do not provide a reality check for the home, you do work for the family to complete their day-to-day chores and help them with the services that would cost a considerable amount to replace each year. These may include the cost of daycare, a transportation service, cleaning service and cooking for the home; if you were to die, a life insurance policy could help cover some of these costs.

We would do anything to protect our loved ones, right? But often the decision to buy life insurance comes with indecision, confusion and even denial. However, with the secrets about life insurance, I revealed to you today. Hopefully, you will feel more confident about taking a good life insurance plan to financially secure your future.

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Car Tips : Travel with Children


Some of us bring our children when travel. It is important to ensure the safety of our child when we driving in such a long journey. This is some of tips when travel in your used ford car with your children

  1. Restrain your children inside a used car is a best idea. It is important especially long distance journey at highway. Holding the child in your lap is not safe. There’s many cash of harsh breaking that injured children. Restrained child could less distraction for the driver. You need to get Infant Seat in your car. It is important to get the infant seat based on your children weight and height.

  2. Giving the children maps with location. Maybe they can focus to help driver and not boring.

  3. Give less junk food. Children like to eat a lot but it is not good for their health. It also can make their stomach hurt if there’s too many junk food and it will distract your driving concentration.

  4. Check on your kids every once to ensure he/she in good condition. If you have any passenger beside you, request he/she to look your children.

  5. It is important to get the best time of travel. For long journey, it is good to start in the night and arrive on morning. This is time when your children are inactive and feel sleepy. If he/she sleeps it means there less disturbance. But you also must have good condition. Don’t try if you also feeling sleepy.

  6. Bring garbage bags. Sometimes your children will vomit especially for long journey. Bring a plastic bag for them to vomit.

There are some tips when you drive with your children. If there’s any tips. Let’s share..


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What to do if You’re Considering Becoming a Stay-at-Home Parent


The sheer number of families that have a stay-at-home parent has risen significantly in the past few years. This is partly a result of an influx of the availability of freelance work, as well as work at home jobs, and the like.

If you or your partner are considering taking the stay-at-home parent route but are concerned about the best way to make it financially feasible, be aware that it’s possible. However, it may not be particularly easy at first.   

Working From Home

The secret to being a successful stay-at-home parent is to start with a solid understanding of your expenses now, as well as how much money you need to consistently make to keep your family afloat. With these few tips and tricks, your new career working from home will be even more fruitful than your last job. Here’s how to go about it:

Have a Timeline

The best thing about working from home is that you do so on your own terms. Wherever you are in your stage of your career and parenthood, it is important to sit down and create a timeline of how you plan to move forward with working from home.

As you figure out the logistics with your spouse, you will both need to talk about how much money you’ll need to make this stay-at-home parent dream happen. Discuss what expenses need to be cut back, ultimately deciding on how much money you will need regularly when you begin working from home, as well as how your children will fit into the picture.  

Pay Off Debt

Once you have officially decided that you are going to work from home, paying off any outstanding debt is your next goal. The more money that is paid off, the more freedom you’ll have with the budget as you start off your new career.

You may choose to pay off some debts a little at a time, while others you may be able to pay off in one shingle payment. Whichever method you choose to pay off debt should work for you and your budget.  

Ultimately, it is important for all parents to realize that paying off a few of your bills completely may free up a few dollars every month, which might mean the difference between being able to afford to stay in your home or not. Additionally, it is a good idea to make an effort to not take on any new debt. Do your best to live within your means while working to use any extra income to make sure your bills are paid. You want to do everything you can to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. With no consistent stream of income, this would be a recipe for disaster.

Create a New Budget

Before actually starting to work from home, it is incredibly important that you and your spouse establish a clear budget. This is particularly true if one of you is to be the sole breadwinner for the family. Many new families like to use popular budgeting programs like Mint or Every Dollar, as well as the tried and true method of the Excel spreadsheet.

In your budget, you will need to allocate each dollar of your income into a section–say one for entertainment and the other for debt repayment. Many people like to split up their income by using 50% for essentials, 20% for their savings account, and 30% for personal use.

As you work on your budget, you will need to find the happy medium that works for both you, your spouse, and your kids. You all deserve a family vacation at least once a year. Consider choosing an adults-only resort or a family-friendly resort if you want to bring the kids along. These options are usually less costly but just as fun.

Whatever type of budget you both decide on, you’ll want to make sure it is solid before quitting your current job. Once you quit, you will be in an even more precarious situation as you work to get your new at home career started.

Analyze and Strategize Working at Home

Since working at home is more popular than ever, it is really an excellent way to earn more money while you raise your children. So many opportunities can open up for you, particularly if you start your own business or find your own niche in the online working world. However, it may take a bit of time discovering what works best.

As you start off launching your new stay-at-home career, it’s important to research all your options. You may find that one particular kind of job works better than another, and this is likely where you should invest your time and energy. As long as you have planned for the ups and downs that being a stay-at-home parent comes with, you should have enough freedom to earn your money on your terms.

It is important for every parent to realize that the work from home experience isn’t the same for everyone. Going from a 9 to 5 office job to being a self-employed freelancer can be nerve-wracking, but with the right timeline, budget, and strategy, you should be set up in no time for your new life working from home.


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