What to do if You’re Considering Becoming a Stay-at-Home Parent


The sheer number of families that have a stay-at-home parent has risen significantly in the past few years. This is partly a result of an influx of the availability of freelance work, as well as work at home jobs, and the like.

If you or your partner are considering taking the stay-at-home parent route but are concerned about the best way to make it financially feasible, be aware that it’s possible. However, it may not be particularly easy at first.   

Working From Home

The secret to being a successful stay-at-home parent is to start with a solid understanding of your expenses now, as well as how much money you need to consistently make to keep your family afloat. With these few tips and tricks, your new career working from home will be even more fruitful than your last job. Here’s how to go about it:

Have a Timeline

The best thing about working from home is that you do so on your own terms. Wherever you are in your stage of your career and parenthood, it is important to sit down and create a timeline of how you plan to move forward with working from home.

As you figure out the logistics with your spouse, you will both need to talk about how much money you’ll need to make this stay-at-home parent dream happen. Discuss what expenses need to be cut back, ultimately deciding on how much money you will need regularly when you begin working from home, as well as how your children will fit into the picture.  

Pay Off Debt

Once you have officially decided that you are going to work from home, paying off any outstanding debt is your next goal. The more money that is paid off, the more freedom you’ll have with the budget as you start off your new career.

You may choose to pay off some debts a little at a time, while others you may be able to pay off in one shingle payment. Whichever method you choose to pay off debt should work for you and your budget.  

Ultimately, it is important for all parents to realize that paying off a few of your bills completely may free up a few dollars every month, which might mean the difference between being able to afford to stay in your home or not. Additionally, it is a good idea to make an effort to not take on any new debt. Do your best to live within your means while working to use any extra income to make sure your bills are paid. You want to do everything you can to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. With no consistent stream of income, this would be a recipe for disaster.

Create a New Budget

Before actually starting to work from home, it is incredibly important that you and your spouse establish a clear budget. This is particularly true if one of you is to be the sole breadwinner for the family. Many new families like to use popular budgeting programs like Mint or Every Dollar, as well as the tried and true method of the Excel spreadsheet.

In your budget, you will need to allocate each dollar of your income into a section–say one for entertainment and the other for debt repayment. Many people like to split up their income by using 50% for essentials, 20% for their savings account, and 30% for personal use.

As you work on your budget, you will need to find the happy medium that works for both you, your spouse, and your kids. You all deserve a family vacation at least once a year. Consider choosing an adults-only resort or a family-friendly resort if you want to bring the kids along. These options are usually less costly but just as fun.

Whatever type of budget you both decide on, you’ll want to make sure it is solid before quitting your current job. Once you quit, you will be in an even more precarious situation as you work to get your new at home career started.

Analyze and Strategize Working at Home

Since working at home is more popular than ever, it is really an excellent way to earn more money while you raise your children. So many opportunities can open up for you, particularly if you start your own business or find your own niche in the online working world. However, it may take a bit of time discovering what works best.

As you start off launching your new stay-at-home career, it’s important to research all your options. You may find that one particular kind of job works better than another, and this is likely where you should invest your time and energy. As long as you have planned for the ups and downs that being a stay-at-home parent comes with, you should have enough freedom to earn your money on your terms.

It is important for every parent to realize that the work from home experience isn’t the same for everyone. Going from a 9 to 5 office job to being a self-employed freelancer can be nerve-wracking, but with the right timeline, budget, and strategy, you should be set up in no time for your new life working from home.


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Hints and Tips to help you save more


Saving could change your life.

Saving money isn’t something that many of us would put at the top of our bucket lists. However, it does make it in to New Year’s resolutions on a regular basis for a lot of people. If you can start saving money then you can start to meet your financial goals, from buying a house through to ensuring a comfortable retirement. OF course, life isn’t always that simple and if, in the past, you have had a poor credit score then you may have needed loans for people with bad credit or doorstep loans with their high interest rates. But it’s never too late to change your financial habits. When it comes to saving there are some simple ways that you can work towards saving more.

Eat everything in the house

Instead of regularly buying more food, spend one week a month where you just live on what’s in the cupboards and fridge. You’ll be surprised by what you can create from what you already have – and what you could save by not buying more.

Have a big clear out

Going through clothes, furniture, books and electronics will give you the opportunity to generate some extra cash by selling these things online. You might also be surprised by how much you already have and may be less inclined to buy more.

Buy in bulk

From pet food, through to stationary supplies and toilet rolls you can save significantly by buying items in bulk.

Smoke less, drink less

If you really want to save money then giving up smoking and cutting back on alcohol consumption are two of the fastest ways to do it. These are expensive habits – especially if you add in the cost of potential healthcare to cope with the consequences of drinking and smoking too much. Cut them out now and you could save a lot.

Look for better deals

From broadband, to energy costs, mobile phone contracts to insurance, you can save money instantly by finding a better deal on these and paying less. There are plenty of price comparison websites online that will show you where to find cheaper options for much the same products.

Avoid impulse buys

Get smart to the moments in your day when you’re the most vulnerable to impulse purchases – first thing in the morning when you’re half asleep? When you’re bored at lunchtime? Remove temptation and leave your credit cards at home – or go for a walk in the park instead of to the shops. Curbing those impulse purchases could help you to save a lot more.

Set yourself up for success

If you don’t have a savings account then get one – and set up money transfers that take cash out of your main account as soon as you’re paid. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to waste that money then you’ll be able to save more of it.

Get a bike

Instead of running up huge transport costs, take to two wheels and save yourself the expense of petrol or public transport – you’ll get fitter too.

Buy second hand

From new shoes for you, to clothes for a new baby there are lots of items that you can buy second hand and so save yourself the cost of something brand new.


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3 ways to cut the interest rate on your debt


How can you pay less for what you owe?

Interest is the biggest cost for anyone with debt. You might have been sucked in to a low introductory rate and now find yourself paying significantly more on a much larger balance. Or you might at some point in your life have had a bad credit score and needed bad credit loans or no credit check loans with high interest rates. Perhaps you’ve never really paid much attention to what your debt was costing you other than to wish it was less. Many of us don’t do anything about the interest rates we have because we think we’re stuck with them – in fact, that’s not the case. There are ways that you can cut the interest rate on your debt.

Switch to a lower rate or refinance

There is always a better deal out there when it comes to interest rates you just have to find it. So, if you’re really struggling with what you’re paying for the debt that you have then look around for an alternative. Price comparison websites will show you whether you could be getting a better deal elsewhere – 0% on credit card balance transfers, for example, or a lower rate if you refinance your loan with another lender. Consolidating debt is another way to pay less interest – this involves paying off multiple debts that have a high interest rate by using a single debt with a much lower interest rate, leaving you paying less overall.

Ask for a better interest rate

Particularly if you’ve been with a bank, lender or building society for some time, you’ve established the kind of customer loyalty that potentially gives you a bit of bargaining power. Even if you haven’t, it’s always worth asking the question. The key when negotiating your interest rate is to be persistent – the first person you speak to is always likely to say no so you’ll probably need to go beyond them to get a result. Ask for a reasonable cut in the rate that you’re paying and identify a good reason for this. It could be that you’ve been a customer for some time or that other lenders are offering something better to borrowers like you. The threat of losing your business is often enough to make a lender negotiate.

Be a better borrower

The interest rates that we’re entitled to are significantly determined by our financial history. So, if you have a court judgment against you then you are unlikely to get the same interest rate as someone who has never even made a late payment on a credit card. If you want to improve your interest rate options in the future it pays to be a better borrower now.

  • Always make payments on time under your current credit agreements
  • If you can, clear credit card balances every month
  • Check your credit report regularly and remedy any mistakes
  • Look out for fraud on your credit report that could be dragging your credit score down
  • Clear some of the existing balances that you have
  • Set a target to avoid exceeding 35% of your credit limit – this will improve your credit score and lender perception of your borrowing


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Learn About a VPN and How It Can Protect Your Online Identity


If you have been watching the news recently then you will have seen much about identity theft and how snooping hackers are always trying to find out what you are doing online and take advantage of your online behavior.

Each of the news reports all regards both private firms and governments using their powers to monitor communication. It is for this reason that many more people are turning to VPN services to help protect their online presence.

If you like the idea of staying private online but aren’t sure what a VPN is, keep reading to find out.

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network.

Consider this. Each time that you visit a website, your ISP (internet service provider) keeps a record of the site and can and will provide it to relevant authorities. They can also use this information for marketing and sales purposes, further damaging your online privacy.

When using a VPN, your ISP does not have this or any level of visibility into the types of sites you are visiting. Further, all communication done through a VPN is heavily encrypted, meaning that prying eyes aren’t able to see even the most basic of data a website may request.

Once you have chosen a VPN service, you install a small program or a range of settings to your computer. Once installed, instead of connecting to your ISP and allowing them to do your browsing for you, your VPN services keeps all of your traffic private and encrypted, telling your ISP only that you have accessed their service.

Can It Protect You?

A very good question and the answer is both yes and no.

For the primary reason you are using a VPN, yes, it can protect your data from prying eyes or hackers trying to access your information.

However, it is important to realize that no web browsing is truly anonymous, simply because even a VPN service will keep a record of the sites which you visit. This means that all of the information which you would usually provide to your ISP is now help and kept by a third party company which you have limited knowledge of.

While it may read as though a VPN is just another ISP which you have to pay for, first remember that the VPN you choose can be located in another country. This means that they likely aren’t subject to local laws and, as such, are in a better position than your ISP to keep your browsing data secure and private.

For this reason, it is increasingly important that you choose a VPN provider which you trust and one which comes highly recommended. If you aren’t how to find the best one, look online through forums or for a reputable review site which has done much of the leg-work for you or take advantage of a nordvpn coupon from Groupon Coupons to get access to a high-quality VPN service at a great rate.

Using a VPN can be a great benefit, but ultimately its use is a decision only you can make. If you are concerned about your online privacy then a VPN can be for you, however, if you aren’t too bothered who is watching your online behavior then you do without one.

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Important things to keep in mind when going for a body massage in Delhi


Nothing can beat a professional body massage. A good body massage  in Delhi soothes your body, spirit and mind by improving circulation, immunity and anxiety. You will also have a sound sleep after having a relaxing body massage. But before heading towards your full body to body massage in Delhi, you should keep in mind some important things to avoid the awkward moments, potential pain and wasted cash.

  • Always be on time: Massage therapists work on you for your entire appointment which is scheduled. If you arrive thirty minutes late, then it may cut your time short so as to accommodate the next client.
  • You can ask for more or less pressure: The massage therapists are always happy to oblige your request for less or more pressure. During the session, you can freely tell them what you like and what you don’t like.
  • No aftershave or perfume: The smell of your aftershave or perfume can be a bit overwhelming to your massage therapist. The smell can irritate their noses as they work closely for about an hour.
  • Let your therapist know what ails you: Let your therapist know if you have any health concern or condition. Your therapist must also know if you had a change in your medical condition after your last massage.
  • Don’t talk: The main objective of going to a massage parlour is to relax. So, it is not at all compulsory to make conversation with your massage therapist.
  • Drink adequate amount of water after your appointment: As muscles become dehydrated after a massage, so it is very important to hydrate after your massage session.
  • Take a warm pre-massage shower: Your muscles will get loosened and will help relieve tension during the massage if you have a warm pre- massage shower.
  • Do not work out after massage: Always work out before your massage session as exercised and worked out muscles will be tired and will benefit the most from the massage.
  • Do not take heavy food before massage: You may feel bloated and uncomfortable if you take heavy meal before having body massage. So, you should always take light meals.

Summary: Improve your blood circulation in the body with a professional body massage where you can ask for more or less pressure. Drink lots of water and do not work out after your massage and be on time.


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Liquid detergent or powder – which one is the better choice for laundry wash


Both liquid and powder detergents are available in the market. Now the confusion occur which one to choose? One should know both the positives and negatives of liquid detergents & powder detergents for finalizing one among them.

This article covers a detailed study of liquid detergents and powder detergents. The pros & cons are evaluated properly for letting you know the differences between liquid & powder detergents and their strengths & weakness.Understand the consequences (both positive and negative) of using liquid or powder detergent and make the right choice.

Liquid Detergent

They were introduced into the market during 1950s. There are lots of liquid detergent supplier in market . Let us check the positive and also the negative sides of using liquid detergents for laundry.

Pros of Liquid Detergent Use

  1. Liquid detergents penetrate clothes well and are perfect for spot cleaning – cleaning particular area on a garment which is stained.
  2. Oil grease stains can also be cleaned well with the help of liquid detergents. Fiber penetration happens better when liquid detergents are used. Thus it helps in removing oil stains effectively.

Cons of Liquid Detergent Use

  1. Landfills get strained hugely due to the plastic bottles used for packing liquid detergents. These bottles get accumulated and contribute much towardsthe environmental pollution. Recycling the bottles helps in reducing the negative effect to a great extent (but mostly it is not done).
  2. The lines marked on the liquid detergent bottle are not enough visible most of the times and the same cause confusion on the amount of liquid detergent to be used. At times people tend to use more amounts due to which wastage of product & loss of money occurs. If more liquid detergent is used then residue is left on washing machines and clothes too.
  3. Oxygen bleach effect is reduced when liquid detergents are used as oxygen bleach effect does not prolong well when water is mixed.

Powder Detergent

Pros of Powder Detergent Use

The use of powder detergents are seen from 1930s. Let us check the positive and also the negative sides of using powder detergents for laundry.

Pros of Powder Detergent Use

  1. They are cheaper than liquid detergents
  2. Environment friendly packaging options are more when compared to the plastic bottles (of liquid detergents).
  3. The formulas in powder detergents are more stable when compared to those in liquid detergents. This makes them the right choice for the removal of outdoor stains which includes stains by grass or mud.
  4. Additives can be added easily to powder detergents &they are more stable too in powder detergents. This makes powder detergents the right choice for laundry where only hard water (untreated ones) is available for cleaning.

Cons of Powder Detergent Use

  1. Heavy boxes used in powder detergent packaging are not easily storable. Moreover powdered detergents have to be stored in dry areas for preventing the process called caking.
  2. They cannot be used with severe cold water as this reduces the dissolving capacity of the powder detergents. If they don’t dissolve properly then they cannot clean well too.
  3. Less-easier penetration capability is seen in powder detergents because they are not already in the liquid form and the paste-formation (with water) takes time.

The above points give you a clear idea on the positives & negative sides of using powder detergents & liquid detergents. Certain negative points – like the plastic bottles of liquid detergents straining landfills – can be avoided by the use of recycling options. Let us select environment friendlier methodsand save the environment to ensure a better life for all in this earth.  You can find  verified supplier and manufacturer of liquid detergent on Dial4trade.

Those who need cheaper laundry &use untreated water or have good storage facilities can go for powder detergent. Those who want easier cleaning for oil stains can go for liquid detergents.You can choose the right product based on your specific needs (like cleaning a particularkind of dirt etc.). Hence understand your needs first and choose the right product for laundry.


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How Can You Manage Multiple Business Contracts With Ease? We Have It All


Businesses that oversee multiple accounts rely on contractual agreements with their customers and other businesses. There is a certain level of legislation needed to make certain that there protection and mutual safety of every party that is entering into an agreement. There are contracts that are very simple in their design whereas others are very complex. Gong through each contract separately must happen in the initial stages, but the repetition of this process from time to time consumes lots of time and will result in a business running inefficiently. Besides, some of the more complicated contracts could be difficult to oversee due to the language used in the drafting process. Contracts are documents that can consume a lot of time and resources when going over them all so as to set the right course of action to take. Are your business contracts drafted to make their management easy? If the answer is no, then your business should consider utilizing a system that will help simplify the contract management process.

Managing Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Contracts that appear to be the most simple ones could need a lot of work. This is especially the case when there are several of them to be managed. Keying the data from every contract into a system that is capable of grouping the information according to the nature of recurrent tasks can aid in managing the billing, accounting, collection, the general follow up activities and tracking the expiration dates in advance. This kind of system is also perfect for generating tickler systems in advance of any upcoming commitments that relate to every contract account. A contract management software is a formidable solution that will help your business run smoothly and reduce the workload needed to accomplish a majority of everyday tasks with minimal errors and improved accuracy. Our comprehensive approach for offering business the best software solutions can help you gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Benefits of A Contract Management Software

A majority of online contract management solutions offer the administration tools required to help store all your company’s deeds, permits, leases, licenses and contract data on an easy-to-access platform. The different software also comes with CRM Dynamics training videos and tutorials. This can go a long way in helping bring an end to missing deadlines and incurring fines for late submissions. However difficult the contract language is, crucial aspects can be highlighted and selected for an alert system response which informs the responsible party in advance about the business requirements they must meet. This notification system lets you take the necessary action early enough, thus eliminating any last-minute searches through documents and reading the finer details to ensure that you have complied with what was agreed upon in the contract.

Customized Administrator Tools Help Streamline Business Operations

Different contract accounts can be accessed easily via the use of an intuitive and user-friendly front-end that offers an array of essential options. Since most of the dashboards are designed to help meet your company’s daily needs, the time required for staff to gain access to crucial information is minimized dramatically. A contract management software makes for the best solution for businesses that are faced with the challenge of managing several contracts, whether simple or complex.

Are your contracts drafted to ease their management? How often do you find yourself spending hours of important time reading through the drafting language to meet the contract requirements? The implementation of a streamlined and highly functional system can help your company reduce the amount of time spent on such processes and minimize its margin of error. This kind of system normally includes a contract management software that is customized to meet the unique needs of every business’s operations.

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A Guide to Choosing a Meaning Christmas Gift for Grandmothers


There are very few individuals in one’s life that are as special as their grandmother. A grandmother is always there for you, regardless of the situation, making a unique bond across the generations. This bond should be celebrated continuously, but particularly over the festive season. What better time of year than Christmas to show your grandmother how important she is and how loved she is? One of the best ways to show your true appreciation for your grandmother is by surprising her with a meaningful and heartfelt gift. This article will provide information on the different types of Christmas gifts a person could purchase for their grandmother.

1. Personalised Christmas Gift For Grandmothers

Personalised gifts are on the rise and it is easy to see why people are interested in this special present style. When opting for a gift customised to the recipient, you are showing the greatest level of care and thought that any generic gift can obtain. There are numerous types of different personalised Christmas gifts to choose, embroidered, hand-painted or engraved items such as pewter cups make thoughtful gifts. It is also possible to order customised photographic presents including picture mugs, canvas or acrylic block prints, or bespoke collages of Christmases of the past

2. A Jewellery Christmas Gift For Grandmothers

If you are searching for the ideal Christmas gift for a grandmother, it may be worthwhile considering a jewellery gift. Jewellery can serve as a lasting memento for your grandmother and is available in a stylish pendant, earrings, a bracelet, or even a matching set.

Any grandmother who enjoys classic styles would appreciate elegant gold or silver chains, pretty stud earrings or simple pendants. However, if your grandmother has a more contemporary taste, it may be beneficial to opt for a chunky artisan piece with a customised bead bracelet using a choice of attractive coloured beads.

Grandmothers tend to appreciated jewellery gifts that do not go out of style, such as miniature rose head pendants that are glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold. This item is always chosen for its exquisite beauty and tends to be handcrafted into a stylish piece of original work. As part of a necklace, the miniature rose head can be worn with any outfit and will convey a message of appreciation with love during the Christmas season.

3. Attractive Flowers As Christmas Gifts For Grandmothers

One of the most popular options as a Christmas gift for grandmothers is the floral present. Of course, this item can be gifted throughout the year; however, it is during the Yuletide season that there are different plant blooms suited specifically to the period. For example, pure white rose blooms with deep red roses, dark leaves and the red berries of the holly plants are combined into stunning bouquets for the beloved grandmother.

While you may love the idea of a floral Christmas gift, you may wish to present your grandmother will a longer lasting memento. In this situation, a single glazed rose bloom can be the ideal gift and will take pride of place in your grandmother’s home. The glazed bloom is available in a plethora of colours ranging from traditional whites and reds to unique shades including green or purple. The 24 karat gold trim to the rose will also ensure that your grandparent is fascinated by this luxurious and magnificent gift.

4. The Luxury Christmas Gift For Grandmothers

Your grandmother is a special person and deserves a day of pampering, especially during the festive season. What better way to ensure she feels special than by surprising her with some luxurious presents? For example, if your grandmother indulges in gourmet treats now and then, she would enjoy a basket filled with luxury sweet or savoury foods. This could range from luxury chocolates to exotic cheeses, exciting drinks and tasty fruits can also be purchased. There are numerous options available for food hampers and these could also be off-the-shelf products or homemade by your own loving hands.

Alternatively, attractive toiletries hamper filled with prestige branded soaps, lotions and creams could be a way to show your grandmother how special she is to you. The luxury items can make your grandmother feel like a queen for the day.

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All You Need to Know About Planning a Borneo Family Holiday


Sun, sand, wildlife, and a great pool area are the key ingredients for any fantastic family holiday. The main question is how to choose these ingredients from all the options on earth? In this article, I will tell you about my experience of my holiday in Borneo.

How To Reach The Country

The majority of the action can be found in Sabah, Borneo’s north-eastern state. This being the case, our first step was to fly into Koto Kinabalu. A key tip to any effective family trip, especially one with long-haul travelling, is to plan the flights correctly. My family always tries to avoid long connections and books with a good airline. My personal favourite is to book flights where we arrive at our location in the early evening. This means that the kids’ bedtime is not too far away.

Flying Directly Into Kota Kinabalu

The latest A380’s are highly family friendly; as well as being extremely quiet allowing our two kids to sleep well on the 7-8 hour long night flights. Flying on these aeroplanes also allows you to enjoy touch-screen televisions with the latest films, video games, and tons of leg room. The economy upper deck presents with a beneficial storage bucket on the side for all in-flight items. It will also fold up as a headrest alongside the window if you or the children require more sleeping room; however, you will need a pillow to be fully comfortable. We opted for seats on the upper deck and with only ten rows in the cabin, it was quiet. Three toilets meant there were never any queues.

We arrived at our destination in the early evening and were collected at the airport. Once collected, we were taken to the fantastic Shangri-La Rasa Ria resort.

Choosing A Family Friendly Accommodation

Borneo was only the first leg of our family friendly holiday, so we needed a relaxing hotel to enjoy and the Shangri-La was the ideal option. This accommodation offered attractive rooms, a stunning beach, a great pool area, and a view of the most beautiful sunset. Due to it being a larger resort, there is little else nearby; however, you do not require any other facilities because the hotel offers all services for a comfortable stay. During our time at the Shangri-La, we experienced friendly staff, fantastic eateries, and outstanding service.

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is another option if you are looking for something more closer to nature. It is a great base to travel to different exciting locations. Some locations to explore include Kota Kinabalu and the Rasa Ria. From the lodge, it is possible to visit the Lahad Datu to see marine life.

Visit Baby Orangutans And Turtles

Rasa Ria is a popular nature reserve that acts as an orphanage for young orangutans. From this location, the baby orangutans are sent to the greater rehabilitation centre in Sepilok – a facility that houses sixty baby orangutans in the wild. Considering there are only approximately 20,000 of these monkeys left in the wild, it is easy to appreciate the work the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center is doing. It should be noted that baby orangutans are not the only reason to visit Sepilok, but it is also a good starting place for a visit to the Kinabatangan River.

Heading slightly further north from the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, it is possible to find the Turtle Islands Park facility. This is a location where the Hawksbill and Green turtle lives and is a must-see feature for any family. The turtles living on this island are available to see all year round, but it has been found that the best time to visit is between July and October when the sea is less rough.

Day trips to the island are possible, but because the majority of movement occurs after dusk it is recommended that overnight stays are planned. The island is a popular area, so if you are interested in visiting this area, it is recommended that you book far in advance to avoid the crowds. Unfortunately, the accommodation is lacking in luxury; however, despite its basic appearance, it is exciting.

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Hotels Versus Serviced Apartments


Over the last few years, the serviced apartments industry has seen a surge in popularity. According to the Association of Serviced Apartments, there has been a two percent increase in overall occupancy, up to a level of 78 percent, and a three percent increase in weekly net rental income in the UK. That’s a substantial improvement, but it comes at the expense of the hotel industry.

Hotels are still popular. There is still a large percentage of people who do not use serviced apartments – not because they dislike the idea but simply because they have not really ever considered the option. Luxury serviced apartments in cities like London are good for people who want more of a ‘home away from home’ than the ‘getaway’ feel of a hotel. There are differences in amenities, intended length of stay, privacy, space and price.

Holiday vs Business Travel

Unless you travel a lot, you probably wouldn’t think of it this way, but hotels are impersonal and sometimes people just want to be at home. A serviced apartment offers more space and more comfort. It lets people enjoy themselves in an environment more like their home, where they can cook their own meals and chill in a living area, instead of being confined to a bedroom. Hotels, on the other hand, offer a space to sleep, a bathroom, and tea and coffee making facilities, but there is no private lounge. There may be comfy chairs in the room, but not everyone can relax and watch TV in the room where they sleep, and then still sleep well at night. It is harder to relax, and if you want to eat you will have to eat out. This is fine when you are on holiday, but becomes less than ideal when you are away from home for weeks at a time.

Differences Between Hotels and Serviced Apartments

One of the biggest differences between an apartment and a hotel is the price. For a short stay, the difference can be up to 30 percent per night – with apartments being the cheaper. For a long stay, the price difference becomes even bigger, because serviced apartment owners are usually happy to negotiate a discount for a longer booking, and they may even be flexible about the number of people that stay in the apartment. Hotels, on the other hand, charge per person per night, and while you may get some nights free on a longer stay they are usually less likely to haggle than serviced apartments – because they are not used to having people stay for extended periods. Even a two-week stay is often seen as unusual for a hotel, but apartments that cater to business travellers will offer all the amenities that the worker needs, and could become a base of operations for several weeks at a time.

Comforts of the Home at Your Travels

Group bookings for shorter trips are another popular option – why book out several hotel rooms for a trip with your friends when you could book a trip that would be for a longer duration, and still have a lot of fun and save money too. Serviced apartments take the stress out of group travel.

For those who want more home comforts than you get in a hotel, the little luxuries of a serviced apartment make all the difference. Having access to a fully-equipped kitchen is a huge boon, as is a great entertainment system, WiFi that only you are using, and a decent lounge that is separate from the bedroom. Being able to cook your own food, get up when you want, and not have to worry about other guests making a noise in the halls will help you feel at home – but you still get to take advantage of the guest services such as cleaning or turndown visits from maids.

Both hotels and apartments have a lot to offer. It really depends on what you are looking for with your stay and how long you are in town for. Consider both for your next journey.

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