The Big Announcement From Tesla and Electric HGV


In the HGV world, September is a really exciting time. There was news about new electric postal vans, and now there has been an announcement from Tesla, the premier electric car manufacturer, of an electric HGV. Tesla is renowned for being on the cutting edge and producing high-end, beautiful cars, so it is very exciting to see them moving into the HGV industry. Dave Regan from, welcomes this news, “We have all been waiting a very long time for electric HGVs, and with a future diesel ban threat hanging over our heads, we hope that electric HGVs can change the current haulage industry”.

Electric HGV’s From Tesla

In late August it was confirmed that Tesla would be revealing its new all-electric HGV. The initial HGV is going to have a 200-300 mile real-world range, with subsequent models having 1000 mileage on a single charge. Based on our understanding, it appears that the early models will come from their Fremont, California manufacturing facility and will be featuring a ‘day cab’ without a sleeper section. According to sources close to Tesla, they are planning on adding the feature when they release longer distance models.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, unveiled the first photos of the new all-electric Tesla, with a glowing EV lorry displayed in a darkened image with not much more than the LED lights of the lorry piercing through the darkness. It was the first confirmation coming from Tesla that that company is aiming for the commercial market, and that time is nearly here. The image that was released showed a design that was much curvier that a majority of HGVs of similar size, with the goal being to increase efficiency and boost aerodynamics. The vehicle was described by Musch as being a real ‘spy’ to drive. However, we doubt it is going to to go as fast as the 0-63 mph times that was quoted previously! From what we were able to gather, Tesla’s intention is to match the torque and range of traditional diesel HGV tractors, which does seem quite ambitious, given what we know about the range of the electric car in comparison to conventional engine cars. With all of this in mind, we eagerly await the big day.

Beaten To The Punch By Cummins

However, the big reveal from Tesla has been slightly overshadowed by Cummins, which just released its electric heavy duty HGV ahead of Tesla. Cummins is among the leading manufacturers of natural gas and diesel commercial vehicle engines. So it wasn’t surprising that on the 29th of August the company unveiled its heavy-duty class 7 truck cab. The model comes with a 140 kWh advanced battery pack and will be on sale separately in 2019 for commercial HGV and bus fleets. This 18,000-pound cab (affectionally referred to as AEOS in reference to one of the winged horses that drove Helios’ chariot across the sky) is just currently just a demonstration model. It is fully operational though, and can easily haul a 22-tonne trailer. The range of the Cummins model is 100 miles, which right away puts it behind Tesla. However, it is targeting urban delivery vehicles instead of long-range haulage ones. It comes with a one hour charge time, and the company has announced already that manufacturing for the real model will start in 2019, which means that electric HGVs being widely available, is just 18 months away.

This is exciting news about these recent developments but there are still a few discussion points to consider.  Will electric HGVs be sustainable at this level, or will additional work need to be done in order to increase their range and refine them before commercial haulage organisations are able to use them?

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Managing Multiple Business Contracts More Easily


Businesses that have multiple accounts to manage rely on contractual agreements with other businesses and customers. A certain level of legalese is necessary in order to ensure the mutual protection and safety of each party entering into an agreement. In terms of their design, there are contracts that are complicated and some that are simple. Initially one has to go through each one separately, but repeating the process over and over will take up too much time and result in your business running less efficiently. Some contracts that are more complex might be harder to manage due to the language that is used when they are being drafted. Those documents can really eat up a lot of resources and time when trying to sift through them to figure out what kind of action is needed in order to fulfil your commitments promptly. Have your contracts been written in a way that makes it easy to manage them? If you unable to say yes to this, then your business can definitely benefit from using a system that simplifies your contract management process.

How to Simultaneously Manage Multiple Accounts

A great deal of work goes into even very simply written contracts. That is especially true whenever you have several different ones to manage. When data from each of your contracts are entered into a system that has the ability to categorize the information into certain recurring tasks this can help with the management of accounting, collection, billing, generate follow up tasks, and track expiration dates ahead of time. It also does a great job at getting a tickler system generated ahead of upcoming commitments that are related to every contract account. The solution of contract management software will help your business operate much more smoothly and reduce the amount of work needed to complete daily tasks, with more accuracy and fewer errors. We take a no-nonsense approach to provide businesses with the finest innovative software solutions to provide you with an edge in your specific industry. To ensure this, we also provide top colocation hosting in the U.K for your peace of mind.

Contract Management Software Solution Advantages

Web-based contract management software offers the necessary administration tools for storing all of a company’s contract data, licenses, permits, deeds and leases in one location that is easy to access. That can help you stop incurring late charges and missing deadlines. No matter how difficult the contract language is, there are key requirements that you can note and flag for alert system response and notification that tells the person in charge what the fulfilment requirements are for your business. That lets you take action promptly, which eliminates the need for you to search through documents and read the fine print to ensure you are in compliance with all of your agreements.

Use Customised Administrator Tools To Streamline Your Business Operations

It is easy to access multiple contract accounts through using a user-friendly dashboard that provides you with an entire range of helpful options. When they are tailored to meet your company’s daily needs, there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of time it takes for your staff to access the information they need. For businesses that are faced with having to manage multiple contracts, this is one of the finest solutions there is, no matter what the complexity levels are.

Have your contracts been written so that it is easy to manage them? Are you spending hours every month of your valuable time sorting through language in order to meet all of your requirements? You can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend on these process and reduce the margin of error for your company through implementing a streamlined and highly functional system. Contract management software is included in the system that can be customized for your business operations’ unique needs.

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Keeping Your Car In A Perfect State In 2018 Without Facing Any Trouble


As the old saying goes — buying a car is easy, maintaining it is not. If you own a car and want to make sure that it keeps giving you an amazing experience for many years, then learn to maintain it effectively. If you can do it, then you will not have to face any trouble in the past. But if you don’t pay attention to your car’s maintenance, then you might have to struggle to keep it in a good state over time.

Don’t let it happen ever!

Follow the points mentioned here and learn how you can keep your car in a good condition for many more years to come.

Keep It Single Handed

Research shows that those cars which are driven safely and kept singlehanded perform a lot better in the long run than those which are driven by many people on a regular basis. So, if you want to see positive results in the long term, then don’t let others drive your car casually unless it’s very important. Besides, when you drive your car, you pay attention to all the safety measures and give utmost importance to safety, but when someone else does, he might not be able to pay the same amount of attention to it.

Take It To A Workshop Regularly

Regardless of how safely you drive your car, there is no way you can keep it in a perfect condition without taking help of an expert. Make sure you find out a good workshop actively doing auto body repair Denver and take your car to it every month. Once an expert inspects it, he will be able to guide you further and share his experience with you as to how you should drive it safely.

You can find a good workshop using two ways — either takes the help of your friends or use the internet to find good leads in your area. So, decide yourself as to which way works best for you and proceed ahead accordingly.

Give it a try and feel the difference these couple of initiatives can make in your life.

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The Top 4 Benefits of Buying a Car From a Dealer


If you are planning to buy a car, then you will have to choose between getting it from a private seller or a car dealer. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but the benefits of acquiring a car from a dealer tend to outweigh the benefits of buying from a private seller. Below are the top four advantages of buying a car from a dealer.

Warranties and Inspections

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing a car from a dealership company such as Hyundai dealership Baltimore is the possibility of the vehicle coming with a warranty. This is not exclusive to new cars only. Even used cars that meet certain mileage and age requirements set by the manufacturer or the dealer will come with a warranty.

Also, all used cars that are sold through dealerships undergo mandatory inspection. The inspection will take place even if the car doesn’t come with a warranty. Detailed inspections and warranties are uncommon in a private sale situation. The dealer ensures that he/she is selling a good car to the customer.

The Salespeople are Knowledgeable, and You Get a Test-Drive

Online car shopping is only great if you know exactly what you are looking for. However, when you aren’t sure of the type of car that you need, a dealer may be of great help. Although most people tend to view salespeople as push and are only after sales, the truth is that the sales representatives are knowledgeable and will be quite helpful if you need any assistance in evaluating the various car models.

They are always ready to answer your questions and will provide first-hand information. Car dealership companies such as Hyundai dealership Baltimore test-drive for various car models which helps you to know a car better.

Financing Benefits

Car dealers provide a myriad of financing options. In most cases, the dealer will offer customers their own financing options something a private seller can’t do. The simple rule of thumb is that if you are purchasing a car from a private seller, you have to look for your own financing options.

If you have trouble finding a suitable car financing option, then you have to buy your car from a dealer. The other financing benefit of dealers is that many lending institutions won’t finance your car if you are buying it from a private seller.

You get Extra Options

When you buy your vehicle from a dealer, you can easily add some features to it that you wouldn’t be able to add if you buy from a private seller. You can also get an extended warranty to continue covering your car even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.


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The Chevy Cruze: All the Fun You Can Fit


The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze may look like a standard economy car on the outside, but you might be surprised to find out just what’s on the inside. From the technology you want to the safety you need, see what’s new if you’re looking for a Chevrolet Cruze Baltimore

The Space 

Families may think that they need an SUV to load up on their gear, but there is so much cargo space that they may be able to get away with the Cruze. The rear seats fold down to give you extra room in the back, so you can store whatever you need. With 47.2 cubic feet of room, you can load up everything from tents and backpacks to art or school supplies. Whatever it is you want to do, the Cruze can almost certainly handle it. Drivers also get 38.9″ of headroom and 42″ of leg room, and even the back gets 51.9″ of hip room, which should be enough for everyone to feel like they have some air to breathe. 

The Power 

This car may be compact, but it still manages to deliver 153 horsepower with its 1.4L turbo engine. And best of all, it gets 40 miles to the gallon on the highway. Chevy has managed to hold onto their reputation because they’ve worked hard at ensuring their drivers get the best in efficiency. The moment you step into a Chevy, you’ll see that everything has a purpose. Without the bells and whistles, cars can go faster, store more, and get better gas mileage. Test driving a Chevrolet Cruze Baltimore is likely to give you a few more thrills than you bargained for. 

The Technology (and Safety)

It’s difficult not to equate technology with safety these days, especially considering just how much one has crossed over into the other. With this car, you’ll get a back-up camera standard, as well as a number of available technology features. Forward-collision alert, rear-park assist, blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist, and cross-traffic alerts can all be yours on the Cruze. You can also get the car with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, two features that make it far easier to keep your eyes on the road and your hands off your phone. 

No matter why you want to try a Chevrolet Cruze Baltimore, it’s time to see just how much you can get from a so-called economy car. Come feel the power, see the space, and test out the technology for yourself when you stop by a dealership today! 


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All About Mitsubishi’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Warranty


Mitsubishi’s CPO warranty is surprisingly good. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best in the business. It reinstates the 100,000-mile powertrain warranty when sold to a second owner. Here’s some of its highlights:

  • Roadside assistance is provided
  • Long coverage term
  • No deductible for repairs

No every car can become CPO. It must be under five years old, have less than 60,000 miles and pass a 123 point inspection. In addition, the following models are excluded from the CPO program- Lancer Sportback Ralliart, Lancer Evolution, i-Miev, Raider and the Lancer Ralliart.

Every CPO car must pass a vigorous inspection by a certified technician. The 123 point inspection is designed to ensure that the car is up to Mitsubishi’s strict standards. Every CPO car is reconditioned from only the best cars to ensure great performance. Specifically, purchasers of a CPO Mitsubishi vehicle get the same 100,000 mile or 10-year powertrain warranty as the original owner. When you purchase a CPO Mitsubishi from a participating dealer, you know exactly what you’re getting

And it gets even better. The balance of the vehicle’s 60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper plan is included in the CPO warranty. You won’t have to pay a cent when you bring in a CPO Mitsubishi for warranty covered repairs. And with roadside assistance, drivers get flat tire changes, gas delivery, battery jump starts, vehicle lockout assistance and towing to a Mitsubishi dealer. CPO cars include the reemainder of the 7-year/100,000 mile Perforation / Anti-Corrosion Limited Warranty. Purchasers of a CPO car also get a free vehicle history report, which covers repairs and accidents. Without a doubt, Mitsubishi’s got some CPO game.

If you’re looking to buy a new car without spending the price tag, you may want to consider a CPO Mitsubishi. CPO programs offer manufacturer-backed warranties on almost new vehicles, often at significant discounts from the car’s original price. And in addition to the warranty, you’ll have the advantage of purchasing a vehicle that was inspected by the manufacturer before becoming certified. You’ll also find that car dealerships offer a nice selection of Mitsubishi Mirages in Baltimore.

To recap the benefits of a Mitsubishi CPO car, you get:

  • No out-of-pocket expenses for repairs
  • Convenient roadside assistance
  • A car that rides like new
  • Savings in the cost compared to buying new

If you’d like to learn more about Mitsubishi’s CPO vehicles, contact a professional at a Mitsubishi dealership.

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Why You Should Get the Toyota Prius Baltimore


One of the main selling points of the 2017 Toyota Prius is its fuel economy. However, this hybrid vehicle has far more to offer than just its stellar gas economy. This vehicle offers a comfortable cruising experience and has many great crash protection features. The styling is also very unique and imaginative. If you want to buy a new vehicle, here is some information about why you should get the Toyota Prius Baltimore.

What’s New for 2017?

In comparison to the previous model, there are not many new changes to the 2017 Toyota Prius. The most substantial changes were made last year.

Why You Should Buy a 2017 Toyota Prius

  1. Fuel Economy Champ

As stated above, the Toyota Prius is well-known for its great gas economy. In fact, it is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the entire world. This vehicle can get about 54 miles per gallon in the city and 50 miles per gallon the highway. As you can imagine, drivers of this vehicle enjoy major fuel savings. Even better, the Two Eco model offers a combined 56 miles per gallon. Some owners of this model report that the fuel efficiency in real life is even better.

  1. Reliable Daily-Driver

If you want a vehicle that you can truly count on, the Toyota Prius is definitely for you. Even after many miles, the vehicle will still drive like a new car. According to many owners, this vehicle rarely experiences serious issues. There is also a 100,000-mile warranty for the vehicle’s hybrid battery. Therefore, you can feel a sense of protection when buying this vehicle.

  1. Energetic Styling

This Prius definitely has a unique and stylish appearance. This vehicle features edgy highlights and a sporty grille, which will make you stand out while cruising the roads. The LED running lights are standard for this vehicle. The special rear spoiler and the 17-inch alloy wheels add to the sporty profile of the Four model. There are many contemporary paint colors like Blue Crush and Hypersonic Red.

  1. Smooth Driving Dynamics

Most drivers find the Toyota Prius Baltimore very easy to drive. The continuous variable transmission (CVT) is responsive and quiet. The market has sportier hatchbacks, but you will definitely find this vehicle stable when driving in the city or highway. The suspension system ensures the balance of the vehicle when you make fast lane changes.

If you want a well-rounded and efficient hybrid vehicle, you should consider getting the Toyota Prius. For more information about this vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Practical Things To Consider Before Buying A Car


Numbers indicate that in the last year itself approximately seventy-two million cars were produced globally by manufacturers. The number of cars sold in a year in the United Kingdom alone was close to two million. All these figures indicate that there is a huge demand for cars with about five thousand cars being sold in a day in the UK itself.

A car was once considered a convenience, but is now a necessity that is a must to help people move around. And going by the growing number of people buying cars each year, even each day many are seeking information about cars, make, model, Car Finance and other related details even as we speak.

However, buying a car is not as simple as buying a toffee or not even that cheap. There are certain practical pointers that need to be considered by consumers before going ahead to make the purchase for a car. These include-

  • Ascertaining the actual need for purchasing a car
  • Knowing what type of a car you want or what you expect the car to do
  • Having a reality check with regards to the budget, that is the amount you can afford or if you can arrange for finance to buy the car

Once these queries have been answered by you, there is a chance that you may make the right purchase else you might end up buying the wrong kind of car- either the one you cannot afford or the one you do not need.

Let us consider these pointers in detail to help you make the right choice while purchasing a car.

Things to consider while buying a car

  • Reasons to buy a car

The motivation for buying a car needs to be ascertained first. The reason could be anything ranging from looking for a more fuel efficient car or a bigger one or switching from a sedan to a sports utility model or replacing the old broken down car or any other reason. But the point is to be truthful about the true reason and acknowledge it.

This comes in handy when you are searching around for a new car, the salesmen might look to convince you to buy a car that they might have in stock by listing its upteen benefits. However, if you are sure of what you want then you will end up buying the car you actually want and enjoy driving it too.

  • Know your budget beforehand

It helps to know how much you can afford to spend in order to purchase a new car. You are aware that cars do not come cheap but you often tend to forget that costs incurred while maintaining and running a car also need to be accounted for since fuel is expensive and also the car requires regular maintenance. Apart from the petrol (or fuel) costs and the servicing charges, there are other costs to consider too such as the road tax and also the insurance costs.

Many go all out while purchasing a car often extending way beyond their means but they fail to factor in the additional costs. So, you might end up buying your dream, car but will you be able to bail out of situations where the tyres might burst or the car gets stolen or requires repairs.

It is important to take a practical approach while purchasing a car, by acknowledging the reason why you require a car and being reasonable about expectations (a two-seater might be cool but cannot accommodate your kids). Also, give serious thought to your budget and try sticking to it.

Happy riding!


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Expired Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal: What you Need to Know?


Being stuck with countless of things at a time can usually lead to neglected bills and insurance policies. However, if you fail to renew your policy, be it two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it, can end up causing a lot of trouble. So, it is always better to keep a tab, right? If you are ready to go for expired two-wheeler insurance renewal, there are some things that you must know about.

Despite creating an obligatory law, a recent report by the authorities revealed that almost 75% of two-wheelers running on the road do not have an accurate insurance policy. Reasons behind it can be several. Some of them never took the initiative to avail a policy while some others are managing with an expired one.

When you fail to pay your premium on time or if the tenure gets expired, policy lapses; hence, it takes away all the entitlements from you at the same time. If you are also sailing in the same boat, hold on, there are certain things you must be aware of regarding your insurance renewal. Have a read here.

Renewing the Policy Online:

With everything available online, one of the easiest ways for an expired Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal is to do it online. Before you begin this renewal process online, you must keep certain details by your side. The list includes details of expired policy, information of add-ons if you have, vehicle’s registration number, and more. This task can be completed in few simple steps:

  • Go to insurance provider’s website
  • Fill in the details and submit

And, that’s all for it. The insurance provider will mail you the documents, and you can run on the road without any worries.

Policy Renewal Through Mobile App:

Another way to complete this process is by using insurance agent’s mobile applications. Similar to that of the online mode, this method will not demand enough time. Download the app, enter your details, and you are done with it.

Renew It Through Offline Mode:

Another way to get the policy renewed is by contacting the insurance provider personally. From submitting the documents to getting the vehicle inspection done, every process demands physical presence. Contrary to the online method, this mode is quite time-consuming as everything depends on whether the agent is available on time or not.

Insurance Tenure for Three Years:

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has announced a three years tenure for two-wheeler insurance. If you want to neglect yearly hike of premium, this term policy will be perfect for you as it keeps the premium equal.

What Will Happen If the Insurance Is Not Renewed?

If you fail to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy, you may have to bear certain losses:

  • If you do not renew it till 90 days after expiry, you will not be entitled to No Claims Bonus.
  • You may have to pay higher premium afterwards.
  • There will be an increase in the risk of accident liabilities.

To ensure safe and protected rides on the road, it is extremely important to have an active two-wheeler policy. However, even if you forgot to get it renewed, do not fret out. You can always get it done. But, make sure it is not too late before you do it.

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About Miami Maritime Lawyers


Miami maritime lawyers specialize in the branch of law that deals specifically with the marine industry. This attorney has to know all about the different features involved in compensating injured seamen, details and regulations of what happens on seas and oceans and also getting compensation claims for on sea collision accidents.

Maritime lawyers’ duties

Every maritime attorney should be well versed in the laws of the different nation because of how shipping business transactions and businesses are widespread across nations these days. If seamen and fishermen breach any laws by accident, they can depend on the services of competent Miami maritime lawyers. The lawyer must understand how different laws of the vast seas and oceans work to help in diverse situations.

Problems in this field often pose as complicated cases, and so a maritime lawyer has to know the specifications and the heart of every problem. A maritime lawyer has to pay plenty of attention to cases where is not excessive but not little either, where the demanded compensation is controversial, or the level of compensation for the injured victims needs to be closely monitored. The attorney has to be on the lookout for particular laws and statutes which are the same in every nation of the world and the special laws of every nation.

Another area where a Miami maritime attorney must be aware of, is unique laws like the Jones Act which deals with the claims and compensations for dead or injured seamen who were harmed while working. This attorney is involved with a wide scale of maritime operations, but not many people are familiar with the maritime law. Every client must receive fair attention and details from a maritime lawyer so that all legal processes go smoothly.


The protection of marine ecology and the marine ecosystem has become more important to in the world of today. The presence of Miami maritime lawyers is important in this situation because they solve problems and threats brought on by occurrences and events like an oil spill and more. Civil lawyers, auto accident lawyers and criminal lawyers have their hands full with all the on-land activities. Now, maritime attorneys must also be alert and prepare for the growing caseload because the nature of marine operations is evolving at an exponential rate.

In a way, these maritime lawyers have a part to play in bringing the balance that unites on legal land operations with that on the waterways. The contribution of maritime attorneys is very special, different and also very useful. This important part of the legal profession should be appreciated and mentioned more as it is also relevant. Maritime lawyers have a lot of responsibility.


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