Some of us bring our children when travel. It is important to ensure the safety of our child when we driving in such a long journey. This is some of tips when travel in your used ford car with your children

  1. Restrain your children inside a used car is a best idea. It is important especially long distance journey at highway. Holding the child in your lap is not safe. There’s many cash of harsh breaking that injured children. Restrained child could less distraction for the driver. You need to get Infant Seat in your car. It is important to get the infant seat based on your children weight and height.

  2. Giving the children maps with location. Maybe they can focus to help driver and not boring.

  3. Give less junk food. Children like to eat a lot but it is not good for their health. It also can make their stomach hurt if there’s too many junk food and it will distract your driving concentration.

  4. Check on your kids every once to ensure he/she in good condition. If you have any passenger beside you, request he/she to look your children.

  5. It is important to get the best time of travel. For long journey, it is good to start in the night and arrive on morning. This is time when your children are inactive and feel sleepy. If he/she sleeps it means there less disturbance. But you also must have good condition. Don’t try if you also feeling sleepy.

  6. Bring garbage bags. Sometimes your children will vomit especially for long journey. Bring a plastic bag for them to vomit.

There are some tips when you drive with your children. If there’s any tips. Let’s share..


Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise