Can an Online Certificate Program Advance My Career?

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A certificate program can be a good way of strengthening your resume. It will increase your career opportunities as now you will have an added advantage over other professionals. If you want to stand out to prospective employers or want to seek and advancement in your position at your current workplace, a certificate will increase your chances of doing so.

Advantages Of An Online Certificate Program

Experience is indeed the best teacher; there is no substitute for real-world work experience. A professional requires training in order to hone skills and knowledge to help secure a job opportunity. An online certificate program is exactly what you need and it is the most convenient way of earning training opportunities for a full time working professional. It allows them to attend classes and complete assignments at their own convenience.

Having completed an online education certificate will show an employer that not only are you dedicated to your work but also capable of completing studies. It shows you want to improve your performance by continuing with your education. One gains new knowledge and skills by undertaking an online certificate program. It also shows you have excellent time management skills by balancing work, school and personal responsibilities. Having a commitment to a very rigorous program is an accomplishment on its own.

Another factor you should know is that an online certificate from schools like the University of Phoenix  will stand out on your resume. Employers go through a large number of resumes; they look out for items that make a candidate stand out from the rest. An example would be if you are applying for a general counseling position with a degree and have a certificate in advocacy you automatically stand out from the rest. It makes one and all rounded candidate which is appealing to employers.

Many employers do encourage their employees to continue learning as it shows they are looking for ways to improve and learn new things which in turn makes them valuable assets to an organization. An online certificate can help fast-track your employment to a specialized area. This can be of great help especially when there are many candidates applying for a position. A person who is able to learn new things just for the sake shows an inborn value that can inspire people to try new things. It opens up their minds and improves their interpersonal skills.

A certificate from the University of Phoenix can initiate a last-minute career change. Normally, you would go for a certificate course after being employed. The course is now important because one is aware of exactly what is expected of them at work and hence can select a course that perfectly fits their career which may be not what they did for their bachelor’s degree. You can also earn more money by taking a certificate course. According to a study that was conducted Center of Education together with the team at Georgetown University discovered that students who got a post certificate earned more than those without one.

Certificates will never be equivalent to a degree but what they are is that they are good options for people who are very busy with work and family and want to further their skills in the shortest amount of time possible. It is also a step towards earning a degree for those who do not have degrees. For job opportunities that require specialized training, an online certificate is a program that will give you an edge over others. One can start by completing a certificate to show that they are looking forward to completing a relevant degree program in the future. Most entry-level jobs do not have strict education requirements; one would need a certificate to advance on the job. This will go a long way in demonstrating to the employer that one has perfected his skill at work and would like to make it even better and efficient.


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