‘A Teenager’s Guide for Throwing A Fun Surprise Birthday Party’


Planning a surprise birthday party for your near and dear ones can be one hell of a task! It not only requires you to plan things in advance, but also a touch of personalization for out of all the people in their life, they expect you to come up with something unique. But there are chances that you couldn’t save big on their birthday this time and thus, you’re running low on budget. But don’t you worry we’ve got you some super cool hacks to make their ‘D-Day’ special within a limited budget!

Guest list and invitations

Nobody knows better than you who to invite and who not to so make a list of all the members of their close knit circle and probably, send a fancy broadcast message on whatsapp or call them all up! Social media is your best ally on saving up the cost of expensive invitation cards.

Fixing a Venue

Organizing the bash at your friend’s place can be a risky deal for there are chances that they might figure out what you’re up to. Therefore, you can go for another close friend’s place or plan the party at your own house. Planning the party at your own place is the best option for neither do you have to worry about the expenses nor run to and fro. Moreover, you can always decorate the otherwise ordinary venue to perfection!


Since you aren’t going for an exclusive venue, you must pay special attention to the decoration. You can make the chosen venue go from drab to fab using reasonable decorating material.

  • Get yourself a pack of colorful sticky notes and pen down all your favorite memories with the birthday person. Even better if you make the other guests pen down their feelings too! Not only will it make your work simpler, it will also make your birthday person happier. Stick those sticky notes on the wall and make the simple wall look great. Sticky notes are easy to peel off and can be handed over to the birthday girl/boy.
  • Balloons never get out of trend. Decorate the room with balloons of the birthday girl/boy’s favorite colors and let the room exuberate the birthday vibes!
  • Give a final touch to the venue by putting the readily available and extremely reasonable streamers to use.

In case of the gift and cake, ‘Contribution is the key’

Teenagers generally do not have enough money to buy someone a magnificent gift. Therefore, instead of all the invitees getting the birthday person little-little gifts of their own, it’s a better idea that everyone contributes a minimum amount, and get the birthday person a cake and a gift of their liking!


Chinese food is not only reasonable but also a super hit among the teenagers. Serve noodles with a glass of soft drink to everyone, and get them beaming with happiness!

So what are you waiting for? Throw your best friends forever that much awaited party within a limited budget, using these simple hacks!

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