6 Tips for Planning a Wedding at Christmas


If you’re getting married in the summer or autumn of a particular year, this may mean that you have to do a lot of the wedding planning over the Christmas period. While this is a particularly busy period for many people, it’s not always possible to put the planning on hold and pick it up after the New Year. Here are some helpful tips in case you get caught up planning your wedding over the festive season.

  1. Wait for the sales

While you don’t have to put all the planning on hold, you can wait for some New Year sales when it comes to some of the things you need to buy. Your wedding dress, for example, doesn’t have to be purchased straight away, and you can look out for bargains in January and February.

  1. Watch out for the Christmas post rush

If you are trying to send out invitations, be mindful of the fact that the postal services around the world get increasingly busy over Christmas. Unless you’ve sent them all out in November or the start of December, you could see a big delay in when your invitations arrive, not to mention the fact they could go missing. If you’ve only just set the date and you want to tell people as soon as possible about it, you can try sending initial wedding invites online and then post out some prettier hard copy invitations after Christmas.

  1. Remember that it’s Christmas!

If you’re getting stressed, take a back step and remember that it is Christmas after all! You probably have to do Christmas shopping as well as arranging dinner, Christmas parties and everything else that comes with this season. People may also be less willing and available to help you with certain things, but don’t worry – they will normally be less busy and happy to help after the New Year.

  1. Add wedding things to your Christmas list

You can take the opportunity to save a bit of money by asking people for wedding-related gifts rather than the regular gifts you might ask for. This could be asking them for money gifts to help save up for the big day, or it could be asking them to help with the cost of flowers, dresses or shoes.

  1. Don’t stress

If your wedding is imminent, you should have most things planned, and if you have several months to plan the wedding yet, you don’t need to worry about going into a mad rush and get everything done over Christmas. You might have time off work and you’re taking advantage of this in a bid to get things under control, but you should also give yourself some time to relax.

  1. Stay organised

Christmas is an easy time of year to lose track of things and forget about some of the important things that need to be done. Create a list and put things in order of priority. Mark out the things you can leave until after Christmas and have a separate column for the things that definitely need to be done before the year ends.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise