6 Facts to Know for Australians Planning to Move to New Zealand


While jokes are cracked on kiwis crossing the Tasman to come to settle in Australia, more and more Australians are moving to New Zealand.

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New Zealand is increasingly gaining popularity among several people across the world as an attractive country with easy-going, relaxed lifestyle and safe environment, ideal for both – raising a family or for retirement.

There are great benefits for Australians moving to New Zealand with the trans-Tasman agreements that look to extend several of the advantages that are offered to New Zealanders to Australians as well.

Things to Know for Australians Moving to New Zealand

  1. Immigration

For Australians, getting into New Zealand is a very easy process. Citizens and permanent residents of Australia are allowed to visit, live, work and study in New Zealand and don’t need to apply for a visa prior to travelling.

You can get a New Zealand resident visa after arrival if the following requirements are met:

Identity: For proof of identity, passport details are checked.

Character: Authorities will ask you some questions about your character. This criterion will not be met if you have been excluded or deported from another country, you have a criminal conviction or are thought to be a risk to New Zealand’s public interest, public order or security.

Australian Immigration Status: There will be a verification of your citizenship or permanent resident details.

It should be noted that every time you leave the country, your Resident Visa will expire and you will need to reapply when you return.

There is more information about the Australian Resident Visa on the New Zealand Immigration website.

  1. Finance and Banking

Regarding banking infrastructure and financial matters, New Zealand is much similar to Australia. You will also find some popular Australian banks in New Zealand.

The exchange rate between New Zealand dollar and Australian dollar is pretty stable, with10 AUD being equal to 11 NZD.

Australian credit cards are also accepted in New Zealand’s ATMs and shops. Also many shops support contactless payment.

Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm with some banks open even on the weekends.

  1. Getting a House

While importing a car from Australia to NZ with Dazmac can be managed easily, you’ll primarily need to arrange for a house.

Renting a house in New Zealand can be of varied types depending upon where you are looking for the property.

Majority of rental properties are centred in and around Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. You can get a clear idea about rents from numerous websites. Rents will depend on area and amenities.

Given the close vicinity to Australia, you’ll find hordes of Australians living across New Zealand, especially in urban centres. And there are a number of Aussie pubs and places to hangout so that you can get easy help to settle.

  1. Taxes

You will have to pay income taxes if you’ll be working in New Zealand. If your company belongs to New Zealand, your income tax will be managed by Pay As You Earn (PAYE), i.e. it will be automatically deducted from your salary.

You will have to determine whether you will be an Australian resident to pay taxes or not. If you have a source of income in Australia (rental property, business etc.) you’ll have to file a tax return in Australia.

  1. Healthcare

There is a universal health care in New Zealand through the public system. Because of a reciprocal health agreement between New Zealand and Australia, Australian residents and citizens are entitled to healthcare benefits.

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  1. Choose Your Lifestyle

If you prefer a fast-paced life, choose to live in Wellington or Auckland and if you prefer a relaxed life, countryside may be perfect for you.

Know about which recreation items like boat and yachts you can get from Australia at and you can open up ways to get entertained, and can lead a fun life in the beautiful country of New Zealand.


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