5 Best Cars to Rent for a Trip to Ireland


 Ireland has numerous sites to offer to tourists with some of the most beautiful being the natural landscapes and small towns. Several of these sites are only a drive away down the hundreds of roads that cross through valleys and mountains. Because of Ireland’s terrain, there are particular models of cars that function better than others.

Car rental in Dublin airport can provide several choices of models at some of the most affordable prices. When searching for a car rental in Ireland, take into consideration the size of the car, fuel type, transmission, and holding capacity.

Ford Ka

Ford Ka is a mini car with three doors and a manual transmission. Perfect for a couple or single traveler, the car is an excellent choice for long distance travel since it can get upwards of 34 miles per gallon and runs on standard fuel. Car rental for this vehicle begin at 4 EUR per day. The vehicle can hold up to three passengers and has a very small trunk for one single large suitcase or two small ones.

VW Polo

This economy vehicle has a manual transmission. With three doors, the vehicle is capable of holding up to five passengers at one time. It has a medium-sized truck that can hold two to three small bags or one large suitcase. The vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency, and leg room make it ideal for longer trips across the country, and car rental rates at Dublin airport start from 5 EUR per day.

Ford Mondeo

With a capacity to hold up to five people, the Ford Mondeo is a four-door intermediate vehicle. A medium-sized car can hold up to three medium suitcases. The manual transmission and size of this vehicle make it ideal for staying in town or driving from one town to another. Because it has a lower fuel efficiency than the compact and mini-cars, it is not as logical for longer trips. Its car rental prices in Dublin start from 10 EUR per day.

Toyota Verso 5 + 2

Toyota has a much larger holding capacity and automatic air conditioning. With a large interior, the car can hold up to seven passengers comfortably. A four-door vehicle’s trunk is slightly smaller but can easily accommodate small luggage. If you are traveling with your family or friends, this vehicle is the most fuel-efficient for long trips, but also works well when used inside of small towns or traveling small distances. The prices for renting Toyota Verso in Dublin start from 12 EUR per day

Audi A4

Audi A4 is a standard vehicle with a manual transmission. This car can hold up to five passengers with their luggage. Fully loaded, the car provides comfort during long distances, although it will not save you as much in fuel costs as the compact or economy vehicles. The car has four doors and automatic air conditioning. Because of all of its features, car rental prices of Audi A4 start from 35 EUR per day.

So when choosing your vehicle to rent, consider the distance you will travel, the number of people you are traveling with, and the space you need for your luggage to make the most affordable choice.


Erica Cormier

The author Erica Cormier