4 Cryptocurrencies You Should Be Investing In


With the influx of cryptocurrencies on the market, there is no doubt that these are the newest investment fad if you want to reap good profits. There are reports floating about everywhere on how bitcoins and other kinds of cryptocurrencies have helped people turn rich overnight and have proved to be some of the best investment opportunities that they could ask for. But with the surge of cryptocurrencies on the market, it can be hard to figure out which ones are good and which aren’t. Whether you are mining the cryptocurrencies yourself using things like ASICs, TBIS or titanium bars, or whether you want to buy them off a broker or through a trading platform, here are some of the best cryptocurrencies that you should look into in 2018.


Bitcoins are one of the most common and sought-after kinds of cryptocurrencies on the market and are also one of the smartest cryptocurrency investment options. Bitcoins were first seen on the internet in 2009 and were mainly only known to people who were well versed in programming and networking. Bitcoins have seen an incredible increase in value, just in one year. A Single bitcoin was worth $957 in January 2017 and went up to $20,000 in December 2017. People who had bitcoins from before that time struck gold and were able to reap profits better than any other kind of investment opportunity. For those who want to invest in bitcoin cryptocurrency, there are several platforms out there which can enable you to conduct secure transactions.


Ether is currently one of the biggest competitors to Bitcoins and works in a way that is slightly different from blockchain mining. Ethereum was originally formed as software to be able to process and run applications through a wide network of computers. The currency formed as a result of this was Ether, which users can use to navigate and operate things on the software that they have downloaded. With big corporations like Samsung investing into it, the value of this currency is on a steady rise. Much like bitcoins, Ethereum too saw a significant increase in value over the past year with a sudden peak in the interest of by corporations and miners alike. If you are looking for a good alternative to bitcoin cryptocurrency, this is the solution for you.


Litecoin is another increasingly popular cryptocurrency option that people are choosing to go in for. This currency is in the second seed if bitcoin is considered the first. The cryptocurrency was first created by Charlie Lee, who was a Google Employee with an eye for good investment opportunities. Today, he is being regarded as one of the more notable names in the world of cryptocurrencies because of his invention. The reason why people tend to go in for Litecoins over other cryptocurrencies is that of the low exchange rates associated with them. For those who want to go down the mining route, this also provides faster mining times, putting litecoins in your hands faster.


Ripple or XRP first came onto the scene as a software company and was later transformed into digital currency. The currency was brought on by the former founders of bitcoin, who now wants to move to other better avenues. The platform was initially created to rival the Western Union and other big currency transaction websites, but today has emerged far beyond that. One of the main reasons why people are going in for this over other currency options is because of the investment opportunity it provides. Ripple is backed up by hedge fund investors who also set their denominations and who make it so that the exchange rates are far lower than any other kind of cryptocurrencies.

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